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Sunflower15 07-02-2013 04:44 PM

Will moving a horse to a different pasture for 2 weeks stop buddy sour?
My horse is a QH Mare and she is in a pasture with a few other horses, One of them is another Mare. When ever my horse and the other mare are riding together, my horse does everything to get to that horse. She will throw her head and start running twords the horse. I have tried working her by the horse then letting her rest somewhere else but am not accomplishing anything. The horse I ride is pretty respectful to me on the ground and I have done many excersises like the 7 parelli games and roundpenning.

I have 4H fair in a few weeks and was wondering if you guys thought that moving the other mare to a different pasture for 2 weeks would stop the buddy sourness and my horse always wanting to be by that mare?


and tips are appreciated:)

Brighteyes 07-02-2013 05:13 PM

Buddy sourness is, at its basic level, insecurity. An insecure horse won't become more secure by removing all other horses from her. Jerking a horse away from the herd will only make her more afraid.

If you want to move her away from this one mare, you could. Put her in another pasture with other horses, and you'll find she'll probably pick out a new "best friend" and you're back to where you started, unfortunately. :wink:

Chronic buddy sourness rooted in anxiety and fear will only be healed with time and work. I have a mare who was so attached to her best friend she would rear, call, and tear down fences to get to this other horse. I took her on walks in hand away from her friends. If she called and carried on, I worked her. Ground work involving moving the feet and using the brain. I gave her the opportunity to rest afterwards. If she chose to carry on, we worked more.

Ride with your horse's buddy. If your horse starts carrying on, get off and work her on the ground while your horse's buddy keeps riding away like nothing is happening. Work your horse until she's calm and standing still -- not looking for her friend. Get back on and continue your ride. Repeat as any times as necessary.

If this is too much for you right now, have your mare ride out in front. Trot away from the buddy horse, stop, and wait for the buddy to catch you. It's always easier to leave the buddy horse than for the buddy horse to leave you. Riding in front gives a horse confidence. As does riding alone, if you're comfortable with that.

Ride with many different horses if you can. That helps a lot.

It's a long road to a horse that's comfortable in its own skin! It takes time.

LouieThePalomino 07-02-2013 05:20 PM

My horse was the same way, he would whinny and try to go to the other horses when I was riding alone or with horses he didnt hang with. I solved it in the back pasture where there are feeders (rubber barrels cut in half) and everytime he would call, or get distracted from me I would IMMEDIATELY turn him over the feeders and into them so he HAD to divert his attention back to me and his feet so he wouldnt trip. I also did that when he tried to jig and it has worked amazingly, his attention is now on me and he no longer is looking for other horses. I also warm him up by doing random patterns through the feeders to make sure he is paying attention to me. Good luck :)
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