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travlingypsy 02-12-2009 02:55 PM

Does anyone els have CRAZY/SCARY dreams about there horse?
So the last couple nights I have been having scary/weirds dreams about Gypsy getting "stolen".

Now here is a brief history of my horse past. When 14 my mom and I bought our first two horses, then the guy stole them back. And it was this huge sherif, case workers and ended up with us just giving up and him saying he was heading down to mexico. And had "sold" the horses... But we later found out he gave them to a lady our friend new. SO close!

Any ways then when I bought Gypsy my first ride her old owner came in and did NOT look happy and told my mom that she was not ok with this. We talked with my BO and she told me that Angie would never do any think like that. And shes probably upset about having to sell the horse. But after that I was always nervouse and having thoughts of coming into the barn and seeing my stall empty. Within the year it past...

But NOW im having dreams of it being night and their are TONS of people I dont know at the barn. And some boy is there and he takes Gypsy right in front of me and im like Yelling at him like "If you touch my horse ever again..."

And then last night I had a dream where I was tacking up and the same boy was there with his dad and they were afraid to get past even tho I told them Gypsy would not kick and they made a HUGE deal about it. So I then went and got some thing came back and saw him leading Gypsy out of the barn. I ran after and took the lead rope and was yelling at him, and then it turned out that everyone was making me the bad guy and yelling at me. So I jumped on her back (which I cannot do! To darn short) and cantered off down one of the old roads to the t/o fields. Stopped to a walk and saw tv lights out in the bushes right by the barn. And then hobos came out and started chasing us but then I made friends with them. Then everyone from the barn started to chase me and the hobos I then had to get off Gypsy and run with her. And through the crawling through windows and doors of a strange hotel I lost Gypsy :cry: ....
*Holding back tears*

Oh man, Ive had her for three years and nothing has gone wrong. Its really hard having those kinds of dreams, lol. I hope they dont mean any thing.

jemmamalone 02-12-2009 03:11 PM

I am sorry you are having these dreams, i have also had them. But almost 2 years ago i did have two horses stolen from me. Its the worse feeling in the world and for a long time after this i had numerous dreams about my 1st horse, the one and only love of my life of horses, i completly adore him and i kept dreaming he was going to be taken from me, it got so bad that i couldnt sleep and one night i actually went down the yard at like 3 or 4 in the morning. I just have to calm down and relax coz it wasnt helping me or bailey. In the end up put up sensored lights and a fake camera and my nerves calmed right down. If you wanna pm and talk about it then thats cool. I know exactly what your going through and im sorry. Chin up im sure it will be ok.

travlingypsy 02-12-2009 03:19 PM

My first horse I only got to ride once, we mainly just hung out with them and gave them carrots. It all happend so fast you know. I just really hope karma bites the guy HARD.

I thought about having a lock on gypsy's stall but if someone really wanted to break it they could. Or at least take the door off the hinges. I just dont understand why they are coming out of the blue, and whats up with the same boy who is taking her. I hope talking about them will get them out of my head and maybe I wont have them any more.

jemmamalone 02-12-2009 03:29 PM

Your right if they really want her rhen a lock isnt going to stop them, And to be honest putting a lock on the door isnt a great idea anyways. If there was a fire or something happened and you had to get her out quick its just going to delay the process. I had so many precautions when i had my own yard to try and stop people breaking in but then if they really want to they will and the more you try and stop them the more damage is going to be caused. But that doesnt mean leave everything open so it is easy for them either lol.
Usually when you have dreams you have to reverse them or something to get what the real meaning is, my mum knows about these things i will have a word with her for you.
Also if its always the same boy, does he look famillier?
I have had almost the exact same dream before and it was so clear i could actually give you the descripion of their face. I would have just put it down to overacctive imagination if i hadnt just had my horses stolen. Im very supersticious so when things come into my head like that i just write them down. It may mean nothing but sometimes when you dream and talk about it its so jumbled up that its hard to understand. So why not write it down and think about it, rearrage it a little and see what you get. Sometimes its nothing and sometimes its just your subconcious telling you you forgot something at the store. Either way if it puts your mind at rest then its helped. Again if i can help i will :o)

travlingypsy 02-12-2009 03:54 PM

The boy is short, fat, blond with short short hair, and a round face. Kinda a hipster dude. And its always at night with a lot of people around. Which at night time there is never a ton of people at the barn well any time of the day theirs usually no more then 5-6 people.

There is a 4-h group starting up. And we are getting ready to do show prep lessons again for this summer. Those are really the only changes.

If someone did steal Gypsy I would hunt them down. After my first horses were stolen, my very first official (not the family pet) dog was stolen and it was all in a years time I had that dog since he was six weeks old till 5 yrs... So I just dont think I could handle it, again. But you know that was all 5 years ago and I went to counceling for it, I really thought I had come to a close with all the loss. So I really dont think my dreams are coming from the past. You know?

Could it be because I had her up for sale? But I took her off the market a long time ago cause I was going to show her this summer. I never had any bad dreams about her then. Maybe its guilt but then it sure is a scary way to show guilt. I even remember in my last dream I was attacked by a zombie Im pritty sure thats when I stopped dragging Gypsy through open windows LOL not like a horse can fit!

So your mom knows a lot about dreams?

jemmamalone 02-12-2009 04:09 PM

Yeah she knows quite a bit about dreams, Im not going to say she is phsychic because alot of people have their own opinions on it and she isnt phsychic but she give her opinion on things and is 99% right. Did you know she even drempt that something big was going to hit a building the night before twin towers got hit. So i will ask her what yours means and let you know what her opinion is.

travlingypsy 02-12-2009 04:39 PM

Oh thanks!

Yah my mom is the same was she dremt that a plane was going down and a plane went down the next day, that happend to her twice.
And I have daydream things and once I had a daydream that a girl had a sezier and right after I came out of it a girl dropped and past out... But yah I wouldnt mind hearing what your mom thinks. Thanks for your help

DixiesPaintedNova 02-12-2009 08:19 PM

Oh jeez I've had a nightmares all the time about my horses. One time someone at my barn told me about her palamino mare being brutally tortured and killed by some college kids. The next night i had a horrible dream about that happening to some of our was terrifying. But they're all ok so.....

travlingypsy 02-12-2009 10:43 PM

Oh my gosh, I cant believe kids could do that! Well I mean I can but sheesh that poor horse. Yah that would have given me nightmares to!

jemmamalone 02-13-2009 12:55 AM


Originally Posted by DixiesPaintedNova (Post 250188)
Oh jeez I've had a nightmares all the time about my horses. One time someone at my barn told me about her palamino mare being brutally tortured and killed by some college kids. The next night i had a horrible dream about that happening to some of our was terrifying. But they're all ok so.....

Im so sorry for that lady's horse, and im sorry that you had to have nightmares about that. Some people just have no respect or life.
Travelingypsy i will ask my mum for you tomorrow

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