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Zanesgirl 02-13-2009 01:37 AM

How do you prepare your horse?
Hi Everyone,

This post is directed at ALL horse people, not just those that breed or break in horses.

What i am looking for, is how everyone prepares their young horse for their riding career?

For that matter, how do you prepare your horse for any career?

I'm interested in hearing different methods, and why you use them.
This is not designed to pick holes in other peoples methods, its so that i may expand my knowledge even further, and maybe have a few more options up my sleeves when it comes to working with horses.
I believe in sharing my knowledge with anyone who wants to learn, and i hope that you guys are the same.
look forward to hearing your replies.

should you not wish to publish your ideas or technique on a public forum, please feel free to pm me.

Thanks in advance

Midwest Paint 02-13-2009 11:07 AM

IMO, regardless what discipline or goal a person has with their horse in mind, exposure is what I find to be essential. This comes into play with a variety of areas, but is really important in developing sound and "bombproof" riding horses. I also like to start exposure as early as possible. Its never to early to start imprinting confidence and trust.

Spirithorse 02-13-2009 11:41 AM

I agree with Midwest Paint. You can't keep a horse isolated in an arena and expect him to be calm at a show. Exposure exposure exposure!

Everything starts with a proper foundation on the ground. That will translate into the saddle. Personally I use Parelli to put a foundation on my horses. It works for me :)

Zanesgirl 02-13-2009 05:34 PM

I agree guys, and thanks for the input.

Anyone else, feel free to add your thoughts!

PaintHorseMares 02-13-2009 05:59 PM

I agree, too, and lots of riding. I ride our young ones everywhere from the forest trails to the roads to the grocery store in town. The more you ride and the more they experience, the better.

Skyhuntress 02-13-2009 06:04 PM

well my 3 year old is going in in march to get started. I've done my best to de-spook him. I've put him in situations that I know he'll encounter (bathing, clipping, mane pulling, farrier/vet work and worked with him until he accepted it) I've also had things on his back-little people, saddles, saddle pads, blankets. As of this month, I've bridled him and worked with him to get him to accept that easily.

he'll be undersaddle probably late march, after 3-4 weeks of lunge work and long lining to build up some muscle. after that, its being consistent but patient, and trying my best to be what he needs. I'm also planning on taking him to a couple of shows-not to enter in them, but just so that he can see what a show atmosphere looks and feels like

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