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SlideStop 07-03-2013 08:15 AM

Set up a lesson with a new trainer! =)

So my goal was to get back into lessons again this summer. I called my trainer in June and she didn't have a lesson horse for me, but she was going to ask a friend. One month and a couple calls late she has yet to return my calls. If she couldn't do I wish she would just say so.

So alas I've been hunting down a new trainer. Apparently there are one 3 trainers on this WHOLE ISLAND. I called a farm about an hour and a half east from me and they wanted an outrageous amount of money, plus the car ride. That's two (of three) places/people down....

Yesterday I call place number three and the guy is ready and willing! :D He was telling me a lot about foundation work and how I wasn't to come there expecting to stop and spin right away. Totally cool with me, I'd prefer that! One day I'd like to own, train and show my own reiners. Oh, and it super close to my house (my other trainer was too... Ironic? Especially since it will take you 3+ hours to drive from tip to tip on Long Island)! The only downside is that they are $50 a half hour and $70 for an hour. My old trainer was $50 an hour. I'm hopping if I build a bit of a repore I can work the extra $20 off for the hour. I sound cheap, but thats like but 3 get 1 free (and another $10)

Anyways, my first lesson with him will be Sunday at 11. I'm super pumped about it!
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Cacowgirl 07-03-2013 10:53 AM

I think it's a good idea to ask about working off some of the lesson price-hope you enjoy your lesson!

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