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Dressage101 02-13-2009 03:44 PM

Arabian Gelding

I need to find a good home for my Arabian gelding. He is 14.2hh 8 yr. old sound and a love bug when you are on the ground. I need to find him a good home because he is too much for me to handle. He jumps, bucks and rears randomly. Which does not make for a preferred dressage mount for me.

I have a saddle that fits him and he was getting chiropractics when needed and message once a month. My vet regularly checked up on him to make sure he was not in any pain from something that I was not realizing. But, he has come out in the clear every time. He does have signs of arthritics that we found when we x-rayed his feet. But, he is not bothered by it at all and is on Glucose. for it anyway.

I ride dressage and have been working with him for three years. I think dressage may not be his thing. He has 5 months of pro. training. He is really talented and beautiful with a lot of go and would make someone a great horse if they know Arabians and put time into training him. I have also ridden him on the trial a few time and he did very well (was not spooky at all).

He trailers really well and will stand quiet all day. He also clips, baths and lunges great. He just has an under saddle issue. If anyone is interested I have photos of him. I would like $1500 for him but I need to find him a home fast so the price is negotiable.

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