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Harlee rides horses 02-13-2009 06:16 PM

What do you do to prepare for a show?
Well, with my white horse:lol: I: bathe her with whitening shampoo and conditioner, let her dry without touching anything, band her mane, put on a sleazy, and cowboy magic every single stain!

mandaleacalico 02-14-2009 07:02 AM

I have a coloured horse (Silver Dapple) so he has to be nice and dark :-)

1)So, I wash him with a mix I make, of shampoos for white horses and bay horses - works really well to bring out his dorsal stripe, black points etc.

2) While his body is drying, I scrub his legs (4 white socks/stockings) with whitening shampoo

3)When his body is dry, and his legs are drying, I give him a really good brush (with clean brushes, otherwise it was a waste of water washing him)

4)When his legs are dry, I give them a **** good brush, rub in some bi-carb soda, and bandage.

5)Mane gets braided. (cut before he gets washed) I always do the plaits the night before, and roll them at the show, otherwise his rug just rubs them out. And it's quicker re-doing plaits, instead of buttons and plaits.

6) While all this brushing etc is going on, his tail is dampened and wrapped with a tail bandage.

7) Nice clean rug gets put on. Cotton for summer, duvet for winter, and various canvas ones for autumn. (Along with slinky)

8) Turned out with hard feed (LUcerne and oaten chaff, BOSS, MSM, Ranvet) and extra oaten hay.

I'm sure I've left something out, but I haven't shown for a while, so I wont remember for a little while :-)

I have a show in a couple of weeks, so if I do anything else, I'll post it ;)

cowgirlfitzy 02-15-2009 11:20 PM

I have a dun and I start out with a good bath the night before. I usually just use cowboy magic or whatever.

I wash the mane and tail really well and drench the tail with conditioner. brush and bag.

I band the mane when its dry.

i touch up his face with the clippers.

I sand his hooves down a little bit.

I spray everything except for where the saddle goes with world pepe ( I love this stuff)

Put his slinky and sheet on and off to bed!

toosleepy 02-16-2009 09:00 AM

First off i shave his white on his legs and face with either a 15 or 30 blade so its nice and short. when i get to the show i wash with tresseme shampoo on the dark areas and use quick silver on his white. Since he has a flaxen tail i'll use a drop of quicksilver with the tresseme shampoo, then use a extra body conditioner. While his legs are still damp i spray alot of showsheen on the white as it helps keep the dirt and stains off. I use quick braid and braid his mane while its still damp. By the time i'm done braiding his tail should be almost dry and i braid it up and put it in a sock. Put slinkey on and sheet and he's good for the night. I found vetrolin green spot remover works the best for morning clean up. I hate using hoof polish so i sand his feet and then spray ultra hoof polish enhancer on it and it looks as good as polish without the mess of polish. I will use either a spray powder or use baby powder to touch his legs up, and then face makeup to accent his eyes and ears.

ShowJumpLife 02-17-2009 03:56 AM

Day Before:
get him in curry like mad for about 45 mins. brush it all out.
clip tail, fetlock, legs, chin, muzzle, ears, bridle path etc
fix up mane and forelock.
Razor loose forelock hairs.
wash EVERYWHERE with New Zealand Gold General Shampoo.
while hes still damp spray Austrailian Dressage Coat Shine all over his body except saddle area, legs and tail.
wipe over body with a sheepskin mit.
brush out tail and wrap dock.
wrap up all four legs.
hoof oil.
plait mane and forelock.
clean rugs on and take the tail wrao out and put a tail bag on.
pop him in the pen.
al this takes about 8 hours.

morning of the show.
redo any plaits that have come out.
wipe with a sheepskin mit with shinerer on.
pick hooves.
makeup on.
redoo hoofoil.

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