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Born.Jumper 06-15-2007 07:50 AM

"Tony I Rember" first attempt at a poem
ok this is to my late horse tony a lovley black/brown tb gelding aprox 17.1-17.2 7yo i miss my lil man very Much RIP my baby boy !

this is my first EVER poem attemp i have never even attempted one at school before lol oops

I see your face in my dreams a constant reminder of what I lost,
I think by now this should all be over almost a year has passed,
I miss you more and more each day,
Trying to stay strong I will never give up for that’s the last thing you would want,
All I want to do now is make you proud,
You showed me so much and taught me a **** load more,
For that I thank you I thank you for ever second you spent with me,
You know I never thought it would end this way,
Always imagined us being a team again,
Guess I was wrong yet I know I know in sprit we are,
Never apart at heart we will always be together forever,
And you now I would wait forever if that’s what it took to see you again,
But you know what they say forever is overrated,
If it was to see you just one last time I’m telling you boy it wouldn’t be,
For you are my everything and I wont give up that easily,
So I wish I could tell you how much I care but I can’t,
My next best option was to write it in a poem let everything out,
Let go of all the thoughts feelings that you leaving us has left me,
I dreamt about you last night I thought you came back,
Back with me forever I knew it would be perfect,
An awful thing happened after that I woke up,
It wasn’t fair I tried so hard to go back,
For dreams are better then reality when I don’t have you my darlin’

first ever poem written all by my wee little self lol :oops:

much love paige xx
Rip Tony I Miss You My Baby Boy I Love You Forever

Born.Jumper 06-21-2007 10:36 PM

can you please give me comments ideas to improve my poem wrighting !
Thanks Paige xx

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