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appylover31803 02-14-2009 03:30 PM

cell phone holder
I'm looking for a new cell phone holder for when I ride.
I currently have the fixaphone from smartpak
Fixaphone from SmartPak Equine

But I'm getting a new phone (most likely the LG Voyager) and it will be too large to fit in the current holder I have.

I would like to get something in a pretty color (not black) and for something hopefully less than $20+ shipping

Any ideas or products that you use that you would recommend?
(the holder has to be larger than 4" high as the phone is 4.6" high)

moomoo 02-14-2009 03:38 PM

I can't suggest anything since I shove my phone in my jodphur pocket :lol: and it would be expensive to ship but get a bricht colour incase you loose it :wink: it isn't fun searching a field for a green phoneholder :?

appylover31803 02-14-2009 03:54 PM

oh I'm definitely getting a bright color. I have a hot pink one and I love it. It's so visible no matter what I am.

Right now, I can put it in my pocket, but in the spring/summer when I dont ride with a jacket i'll have no spot for it.

bgood400 02-14-2009 04:28 PM

I dont know about a cell phone holder but I have the LG Voyager and I love it! =]

appylover31803 02-14-2009 04:38 PM

oh awesome!
I saw a few videos about it on youtube and it seems really nice

bgood400 02-14-2009 04:41 PM


Originally Posted by appylover31803 (Post 251087)
oh awesome!
I saw a few videos about it on youtube and it seems really nice

I'm on like my 3rd one though. The first I have no idea how it broke and then the second one fell out of my pocket while I was riding and got stepped on!

centrestableswendy 02-14-2009 04:59 PM

I have the LG Env, which is the same body as the Voyager, just not the touch screen. It's an awesome phone. Have you considered buying a pouch, some elastic with velcro, and some Gorilla glue and making your own custom Fixaphone? It might be cheaper, and you know it will fit. Just a thought....Good luck!

appylover31803 02-14-2009 08:26 PM

Well i'm actually up in the air about what phone to get. I didn't realize that the voyager was so expensive (its the voyager in titanium). I looked into the env 2, but i read some reviews that the sound quality lacks as well as the whole locking thing (My fiance an the orginal env and its always dialing out and stuff without him doing anything)

I did think about making my own, but I have no idea how it would all work out. I want it to be secure enough that I can go out on a trail and not have to worry about losing it.

Dreamer1215 02-15-2009 01:09 PM

I LOOOOOVE my Voyager! I've had it since Nov 08 and I'm still finding out neat little things it does!

But thanx for the heads up that it won't fit in that holder. I was gonna get one for me. I'm also interested in getting a secure holder. I don't want it to break, cause if the front is broken, I don't know how I'm to call out.

appylover31803 02-15-2009 04:21 PM

I've actually decided against getting the voyager, even though I've heard SO many good things about it. it's a little too high tech for me. (I love the touch screen and everything, but I don't use my phone all that much so it would pretty much be a waste, except for the qwerty keyboard.

So I think i'm going with the Env2 (even though I heard the call quality isn't all the great, i'm fine with it) and it should hopefully fit in the holder I have now.

Dreamer, the fixaphone has a large that fits phones up to 5", but it only comes in black. If it wasn't so picky on the colors I would get it, but I like the pretty pink one i have lol

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