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ThisGirl 07-04-2013 05:53 PM

Saddle pad for english saddle
okay just now getting into english riding and have a few questions i do know most names for tack though haha. I have seen some people put a half pad over a baby pad before putting the saddle on. Do you have to do this? also what all saddle pads should i get for:

Hunter under saddle shows?
easy riding around my house/practicing?

kenda 07-04-2013 07:09 PM

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The best pad for a well fitting English saddle is a simple, thin pad, either full size (rectangular-ish) or fitted (shaped to the saddle) depending on personal preference. With a saddle that fits well, the pad is just there to protect the saddle from sweat and dirt. With a saddle that doesn't fit quite perfectly, some people opt to use specific types of pads to help improve the fit. This is where a half pad might come in. That being said, there are also trends in the riding world that some may follow regardless of true necessity for the individual horse and saddle combo, and then there are people that use certain types of pads because they've "heard it was good" or their friend/trainer/barn owner told them it was good, etc.

xJumperx 07-10-2013 01:38 PM

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Yes to the above ^^

Plus there are Thinline half pads. Many people stick those on under their saddle pad, or use the half pads, and those aren't always used for helping saddle fit (except the thicker ones with shipskin on the bottom along with rolled around the edge). Those just help with pressure relief and such, just fancy stuffs ;) I really want a Thinline. Saddle fits Cowboy perfectly, I just like the look of a halfpad, but don't want to alter the fit, and I've heard great things about TL. But I'm broke :lol:

Acco 07-26-2013 11:22 AM

For normal hunter shows, you should only use a white fleece saddle pad that's in the shape of the saddle, like this one (you can put a half pad on top if your horse needs it) -
Medallion Super-Quilt Rolled Edge Saddle Pad | Dover Saddlery

AQHA shows or paint shows or other western-type hunter shows often use fleece pads that have an attached rectangle for your show number, like this: (in regular hunters, the riders wear the numbers on our backs, so we don't use this type)
Medallion Competition Saddle Pad with Super Quilt® Lining | Dover Saddlery

For every day riding, you could use the fleece types above, a square pad, half pads, or any combination of these. A "baby pad" is like a square pad, but much thinner, so usually people do put a half pad or full fleece pad or something on top for more padding. A normal square pad can be used by itself. The thin baby pad is often just used to keep the pads on top clean, since it's a lot easier to wash the thin baby pad. Square pads:
Rider's International Lite Saddle Pad | Dover Saddlery

Skyseternalangel 07-28-2013 11:56 PM

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Don't over pad.. it does nothing to help the horse.

A saddle pad is only to keep the saddle from getting dirty. You can use halfpads to cushion or to fill in depending on what the horse needs.

Basic square Dressage/AP pad is all that's needed.

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