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tlkng1 07-06-2013 08:30 AM

Very Strong Potential
OK all...I really need some help here :). My trainer has gone on maternity leave and while I have been bombarding her, so to speak, with potentials, I am feeling less inclined to keep doing so right now..she has much more important things on her mind. What am I looking for: a fourth level potential. If base training is in the Intro and/or Training levels age about 5-8. If training level is higher, showing or darned ready to show first level with schooling 2nd level, age 8-12. My range of funds isn't extremely high but decent enough. I am a 30+ yr hunter/jumper rider who now doesn't jump so jumping ability, beyond maybe basic training just for pole work or trail "debris" is about all the jumping I would ever is NOT a priority and my last horse was only trot pole capable. I can handle some silliness under saddle and on the ground but would prefer the horse that doesn't have more of an interest in killing me than being other words...registers low on the spook meter.

This potential is out of state but there is another one within that same vicinity, about 3 hours away from each other (12 hours away from me)..I want to see both of them on the same run obviously to save money and time. The first that came across is a 12yr old Belgian Warmblood mare: 16.3, allegedly scoring at First Level with a score in the mid 70s, but I haven't been able to verify that on Centerline Scores as the trainer isn't sure what name she was shown under or if she was just shown in an Opportunity class which would mean her score wasn't recorded; still waiting on vids. What she has going for her is training, her pics show a very stunning mover, plus she has eventing time so is quiet on trails and if she came across a small log that had to be gotten over she wouldn't be a spazz. Trainer indicates she can be mareish on the ground and in the turnout and might be difficult for a kid to handle, which I am not, however, I board at a large lesson barn so kids running in and out are a given and turn out space, while plentiful, is definitely allocated to three or more horses depending upon the size of the paddock; mares are turned out together in two different paddocks; one for the "aged" group and the other for the younger crowd.

The second is twice the cost of the mare. He is a 16.2 registered American Hanoverian; 9 yrs old; showing First Level with a score of 66.489 at his first recognized show about a month ago; score verified on Centerline. Conformation pics show decent conformation, not spectacular, and he is base narrow in front. The trainer, an "R" dressage judge (verified and also the one who showed him), indicates that while slightly pigeon toed in front he travels straight...I have the vid of him trotting straight on to the camera and she is telling the truth there. He has been used in the past for lessons; the trainer indicating that she does this to make sure they are ready for amateur riders, and is quiet and steady. His age, abilities, temperament, and the fact he is a gelding has more or less shot this one to the top of the list. The only issue; he looks like a chestnut twin, or darned close brother, to the horse I just lost...I am worried I am having an emotional vice practical reaction on that line which is why I especially need some other input.

This trainer knows I am looking for fourth level potential.



greentree 07-06-2013 09:21 AM

Very attractive mare....At 12, I would like to see better rhythm in her trot, and the trainer looked like she was yanking her head up to me.

Good Luck horse shopping!


tlkng1 07-06-2013 09:30 AM

The vid is the gelding. :) Still waiting on the vid for the mare.

greentree 07-06-2013 09:34 AM

OOps, sorry!

tlkng1 07-06-2013 09:39 AM

I can see he isn't 100% steady in the contact as yet but I think that should come with more time.

Weezilla 07-06-2013 10:45 AM

I looked at all of his videos from age 4 on. Looks like his owner is an eventer whose last vid of him is late Aug. 2012. The trainer's vids show a correctly forward horse in an appropriate Tr/1st L frame. He has a nice trot with suspension and a good lengthening. His walk is adequate - he overtracks a bit sometimes, and doesn't track up at other times.

For me, the canter is the questionable gait. It is a bit lateral even with the good work being done. I think this horse will have problems with the collection needed for 3-4L. He is a long drink of water and this plus the lateralness of the canter make me question if he will be able to load weight onto the hind end without totally discombobulating. The trainer in her vids is careful to show him doing Tr L stuff with the exception of the trot lengthening--no lateral work is shown, not even a leg yield. There's a reason for that. Same with owner's vids - no lateral work that I could see, and he presented a few strides of cross-canter on a miscue from trot to canter which in itself is nothing but with the canter he presents, just makes me go HMMMM. At risk of sounding like a broken record:wink:, you can make a trot but you have to buy a walk and canter.

He seems like a very good sort, nice and forward, and is a handsome devil. He would probably be a really fun guy to do lots of stuff with. You'll likely get great scores at Tr-1L. I think the biggest question is his ability to collect, so that you can pursue your goals of training and showing to 4th L. If you go see him, I'd ask her to show you some LYs, SIs, HIs, etc at trot and canter and watch carefully how he deals.

Weezilla 07-06-2013 11:08 AM

Stuck inside and looking at horses for you. Too bad this guy is in MI
'Leonato' at

tlkng1 07-06-2013 11:19 AM

I was thinking the same thing about the doesn't look to have that rolling canter that the upper level horses tend to have. He looks more hunter style in the vids. As for his background, I went and looked at the other vids...short sighted thinking I should have looked him up further :) The trainer indicted he hadn't been shown at all for 18 months due to previous owner's lack of interest and she has had him since September...that would create the timeline of the vid in Aug 2012.

Weezilla 07-06-2013 11:22 AM

This guy has it all. Great canter-already collecting. Check out 1st canter corner in test then the great lengthening! In MA. Wonder what the "private treaty-will consider reasonable offer to great home" price point is??

tlkng1 07-06-2013 11:24 AM


Originally Posted by Weezilla (Post 2982338)
Stuck inside and looking at horses for you. Too bad this guy is in MI
'Leonato' at

Already ahead of you :)...My concern there was the line about his attitude and needing an advanced rider/handler and small turnout. I don't have any other decent barns in the area, ones I would call decent anyway given level of care or just attitudes and facilities.

I was looking at a potential in Washington state so the distance isn't really a major hurdle...right now there is nothing local.

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