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Thia 07-06-2013 04:02 PM

If I didnt have bad luck I'd have no luck at all. Advise needed
This April my 18yr old stb mare tore a ligament in her left stifle. The vet gve her a 50/50 chance of coming back riding sound or just being pasture sound. After two months of stall rest, then limited turnout, she is back on full turnout and I've been cleared to start riding her at a walk. She has a permanant home either way.

Here's where I need the advise. A month after Pia's injury my mom brought home a mare I owned three yrs ago. I gave her back to her breeder because I was moving, had two horses' and could only take one with me. He always said that I could come back and get her whenever I wanted. I didn't really believe it because whose going to take care of a horse for who know how long then let you have it back free of charge?

Any way he did let us come get her under the stipulation he would keep her papers and if I couldn't keep her for whatever reason she had to go back to him. I gave Pia to my mom and took over ownership of Booty as I can only afford one horse.

Its been two months and she has been lame the entire time on her back left. Its not reallyy apparant on the lunge. I can see something not quite right too her gaits but wouldn't say she's lame. Its when she's under saddle you can see she's slightly off at the trot. At first I thought it was because she hadn't had her feet done for awhile until I got her home and she just needed time for her tendons to adjust, so I gave her about 2 weeks off. Still lame

My problem is I spent all my vet money I had saved up on Pia's vet visits (a little over $600) and don't have any put back to call the vet out to do a lameness exam on Booty. I've been told to give it another month, keep putting money back, and if she's still lame call the vet out and get put on a payment plan.

I never planned on getting a new horse but when Booty came home I couldn't resist trading with my mom. I'm starting to wish I didn't. I don't want to send her back, but I also kinda don't want to spend a coup,e hundred of dollars on another exam and be told she would only be sound for light riding. I have no use for a broodmare and I do more than lightt riding. Plus she isn't safe for my kids to ride like Pia is. But I don't have the the option of selling her for light riding or as a broodmare prospect to get some of the money I've spent on vet bills.

She's 7yrs old AQHA registered and in the Incentive fund. Zippo Pine Bar is her grandsire on the sires side and great grandsire on the dams.

I feel guilty and a little hyppocritical I feel this way. I went nearly a yr without a horse before getting Pia then she gets hurt. Now this with Booty. I guess this was more of a rant than anything. It does feel better to get this off my chest. Cookies to those who read this!

Saskia 07-06-2013 04:59 PM

This probably doesn't help but Bootys lameness sounds really similar to my horse I just sold. It was like she was not stepping quite as much through with one hind leg, and rather than being a super visible lameness it was just something a little off. I never found the cause or cure for that.

I don't have much advice, you have two lame horses that might possibly be sound in the future. It's rough luck, but your mother isn't coming out on top either! You could spend hundreds on vet fees to no result.

I'd talk to your mother and see if she wants Booty (who she started with right?) and if she does take back Pia and hope. If she doesn't and you're not willing to put any money into Booty return her and save for a new horse.

That's all I can really make out of your situation but I am probably way off base.
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Thia 07-06-2013 06:40 PM

That's exactly it with her lameness. no one else cam see anythong wrong, but I've known her since she hit the ground and I can tell something isn't quite right. When I'm riding her shes sound at the walk but noticably off at the trot.

I can't really be mad at my mom for bringing her home, if she was sound I would be thrilled. Its just the fact that she was lame when I brought her home and she continues to be lame. If I hadn't already payed out that much in vet bills it wouldn't be an issue.

My mom has said before she'd take Booty back, but I guess I'm still holding out hope she'll get sound. Not that I like Pia less than Booty, its just Booty would never be safe for my mom to ride. Unlike Pia who my mom caan at least ride in. the arena.

Gah why do i have to over think things and make everything so conplicated. lol
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Shoebox 07-06-2013 06:46 PM

Okay do forgive me if I'm misunderstanding here... But you were prepared to offer the first horse a home 'either way' - whether or not her soundness returned. But you're not willing to get Booty a lameness check because you don't want to find out she's only pasture sound, because you do more than light riding and you have no use for a broodmare? Why be willing to give one horse a home either way but not the second?

Talk to your mom, see what she thinks. She did take over ownership of the other horse, she might not be willing to trade back. A PPE might have been in order before getting Booty back, too.

Thia 07-06-2013 06:59 PM

Because Pia has a better attitude than Booty and my kids can ride her (Pia) at a walk. Plus an 18 yr old standardbred doesnt have that great a chance of finding a home where she would be taken care of.

I didn't even know the horse my mom was bringing home was Booty until we were on our way to get her. i was just told the horse my mom "bought" was a 7yr old quarter horse mare she was getting for free.

The main reason I'm not willing to pay for a lameness exam on Booty is I already paid over $600 in vet bills on Pia and dont have the money right now. Pia's first vet visit cost nearly $300 and she want even blocked or had xrays taken. Im still putting money back into my vet fund.
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Shoebox 07-06-2013 07:07 PM

I'm sorry, I'm going to be blunt (and try not to sound rude - I'm not trying to be, I promise!)

Horses are expensive. A lameness exam is something that should not be held out on. A horse's feet are their lives, and if you're going to own a horse you should be willing to pay the expenses that go along with it. After all, YOU offered to trade horses, it's not like this was forced on you. I think that if you're not willing to do so, you should send Booty (I love her name) back to the man your mom 'bought' him from. However, since you traded horses with your mom, don't expect Pia back. Rather, save your money for a new horse that's sound.

If your mother is willing to trade back, awesome! I would talk to her first. Maybe you'll get Pia back. Maybe not. But if you're stuck with Booty and not willing to get her vet care, then maybe she'd be better off with someone who CAN use a broodmare, rideable or not.

Sounds like a tough situation. Follow your gut, and I hope Pia gets better

Thia 07-06-2013 07:22 PM

Most of this is that i am so d*@# frustrated over this whole situation. I had no plans on getting another horse after Pia's diagnosis. I was quite content to ride my sister's QH gelding. Then Booty comes home, and I had really missed her, and she's lame. It was like another kick in the rear. And I'm feeling horribly guilty that I cannot have the vet out right now to see her, even though it seems to me that she's pretty much sound when not being ridden.

IF I would give Booty back I would NOT be getting another horse. Its doubtful she's going anywhere.

I can't talk to my DH about it as he doesn't like her at all (I had a bad riding accident while riding her and ended up being life flighted) and my sister just tells me to send her back. Its just been bottleing up for awhile and I let the situation blow up to more than what it really is. tje main thing that's bothering me is I prolly won't be able to get the vet out till next month
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Celeste 07-06-2013 07:33 PM

If she was lame when you got her, chances are she had been lame a while. Sending her back is not going to make her not be lame. On the other hand, keeping her is probably a poor financial decision if you have to spend a lot of money on treatments. You can probably buy a sound horse for less than you would put in to getting her better. One other thought --- what kind of hoof care has she had? Have you had a good farrier out to take a look at her? Maybe she just has a bruise or an abscess that can be cleared up.

apachiedragon 07-06-2013 07:44 PM

Have you talked to the guy who had her before you got her back? Does he know anything about the lameness? Maybe what caused it or at least when it started? That would have been the very first call I made if she had come back lame. And if she has been out of work all this time, it could be lack of fitness causing some of her problems. You said it had been three years, yes? That means she was 4 when you last had her. A lot could have happened. She wasn't even fully developed at 4, maybe its a conformation flaw showing itself, one that you wouldn't have noticed at 4.

Thia 07-06-2013 07:48 PM

She had what my BO called an emergency trim job done two days after getting home. Her hooves where waaaayyy over due and really long. Her front left chipped back bad and pretty far back. I had my farrier out about two weeks ago. I wanted to give her a chance to get used to "normal" feet and for her hooves to grow out a bit.

She currently has front shoes on, as she has always had tender feet and has a rough time walking on gravel or rocky ground. My farrier admitted that she had to shape her shoes a bit "wonky" to fit as her front feet are a bit wonky from poor/no regular trimming. She is currently bare foot on her back feet as my farrier said they looked pretty good, but we are going to reasess?(spelling?) in 4 weeks. (Which will make 6 weeks total to when she was first done)

Do you think it could be an abcess? I've alway had horses be very lame at the trot even while not under saddle when they have an abcess. Not just when I ask for a trot when I'm riding
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