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TBforever 07-06-2013 11:43 PM

update on miover
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havent posted for awhile

but miover recently had a vet checkup,also got a sheath clean, which he still managed to kick out and cow kick and bite at the vet while sedated he is currently out of work, due to sore sensitive back, he almost fell over when vet ran her hand across his on the hunt for a chiro

he had the farriar come, he had a blow out, so that was cut out

he has lost abit of weight:( due to hardly any grass, so i changed his feed and upped his hay to what im allowed to

photos are from when vet came which was friday
we had to keep moving him off the rail, as he was sedated and dozing off

Attachment 225914

Attachment 225922

Attachment 225930

Attachment 225938

been practising his leading and mine

still faults, esp when going past grass

ive been doing ground work lessons with my instructor
we were going to do lunging with side reins, she was i wasnt,
but now it is confirmed he has a sore back, that is on hold

but he is backing up much better:)

TBforever 07-06-2013 11:54 PM

going back to his paddock, past sheep

and going from the paddock to the destination we was going

tinyliny 07-07-2013 12:07 AM

better than before. still , you turn inward 90% of the time.

CAn you "send" him off of you a ways? He is so close on top of you all the time. I keep thinking he'll step on your toes.

TBforever 07-07-2013 12:16 AM

i think i tried turning the other way, once, very uncomfortable LOL

i think its cos i was always told, everything u do is on the left of a horse, so i find myself turning him to my left, may be a control thing, i can see his head when turning to my left

and yes i tend to walk into him and get my feet walked on

i hold under his chin so i have his head when he desides he see's somthing else

it mainly is a comfort thing, when i go out tomorow to see how he is doing, ill do leading going towards my right...and ill see how i go

be much better to practise that, because i tend to turn him i a circle if going towards right if need to turn a right hand corner lol

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