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kershkova 02-17-2009 09:37 PM

show prep and supplies
okay i was wondering what you do for show prep and what products you use.

day before.
1. i tack outlaw up and take him to the ring
2.i lung him to tier him up a little
3.ride walk,trot,canter
4.horsemanship paturns
5.barels,polls,ans keyhole
8.bath outlaw with mane and tail shampoo and conditioner or cowboy magic
9.take him inside and put his cooler on and braid his tail and bag it mane and forelock then hair spray it.
11.put his slinkey on
12. take off sheet spray shiny hiny on his body.
13.put sheet on and polo wrap him
14.clean and bag tack and put all my stuff in the trailer
15.fill hay bags and put them in the trailer

3:00 am day of the show
1. take shower do hair eat granola bar
2, gather show clothing
3.get dressed in shorts tank and boots
4.go to barn
5.put outlaws shiping boots
6.grab bucks and feed to put in trailer
7.feed the other horses not going
8. go ta the show
ok that was basics not includeing runing up and down the hills on the horses and folling around with my friends

equineangel91 02-18-2009 11:36 AM

cuz never forget the fooling aruond wit ur firends lmao :D

kershkova 02-18-2009 04:05 PM

omg i forgot clipping how am i ever gona be able to do it this summer agian if i can`t reber anything.

bgood400 02-18-2009 05:35 PM

I am not sure what classes you show in or what level you are showing (I show AQHA shows) but the day of the show grooming wise I black my horses feet, put in a fake tail (that requires washing before hand), and put on face glo.
hoof black - Schneider Saddlery
face glo - Schneider Saddlery

About a week before the show I clip the horses whites on there legs with size 10 clipper blades and at the show I put baby powder on them to make them look extra white. I always make sure I have some grooming supplies at the ring with me for touch ups before I go in the ring.

Movinlownslow 02-19-2009 02:03 AM

grooming wise, the night before i a show i curry ( with a rubber curry) my horses body the brush the dust,hair, and other stuff that comes up off with a med. stiff brush. after i do that i wash my horse.

i wash my horse by putting shampoo in a bucket with water, spray my horse down, then with a stiff brush i scrub him down with the suds ( sometimes i'll put shampoo on my brush as well). after i get all the shampoo & conditioner off of him and out of his tail. I spray him down with show sheen, lots n lots of show sheen in the tail. then i put his cooler on. untangle his tail with my fingers, sand paper his hoofs, and put shoe polish on his hoofs.

then when he's semi - dry i band his mane & forelock. hair spray.

the day of the show, i put hoof black and then clear hoof polish on the black. i also put his fake tail in which like said above requires washing & blowing drying before hand.

about two days before the show i clip his legs, the day before the show i clip his muzzle, bridle path, eye whiskers, ears, whatever needs clipping. then with a razor i shave his muzzle with shaving cream.

blanket and lock him out of his run. i like to find my favorite halter horse out of the journal and compare my horse to it, you should be able imagine eating off your horse. [:

xpyrrohs 02-19-2009 02:53 PM

I loooooove show sheen and vetroline shine! I odn't know what i'd do without them, at a show and just around the barn.

but my preperations for shows is pretty simple..
before a show:
Clip the bridle path and chin whiskers,
bath(if weather permits)
soak the horse with showsheen/vetroline shine
band the mane.
body brush
clean the legs
put on hoof dressing
and if its cool out or raining, a light blanket

day of:
trailer to show
paint hooves black/clear
take out mane bands
brush mane/tail
warm up
WIN!(haha, sometimes anyways)

i don't really do anything fancy since i only go to schooling shows.

my2geldings 02-19-2009 11:22 PM

The main thing I carry with me at shows assuming that he's already been clipped, shampooed and braided is:
Fly spray depending on the season
and oil for his hooves.

I am lucky enough to own a horse who has zero markings :lol: that eliminates a lot of problems :lol: I just make sure to keep him covered the night before and there we go. Now this theory is with past showing I have done since my pest is only a year and a half :D

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