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Andi 02-17-2009 11:31 PM

Shoulder/Back injury stemming from leg injury
I bought my 3yo filly in about September. She was basically untouchable and hadn't been handled for a year so I just bought her like that - no vet check or anything. She had a big scar on her front leg but it was very old and she showed no sign of lameness or anything at all associated with it. She only cost AU$1000 so she wasn't that expensive.

I planned to break her in but finishing year 12 and starting uni I decided I did not have the time, commitment or funds to bring along a young horse. I had a very nice woman who took her on trial to work with her for a week and they went great together. She got a vet check today and she failed horribly.

The vet told her that although the leg scar itself was okay it had damaged her shoulder or something as well as the muscles along her back and in her neck. It sounded pretty bad from what the girl told me. The vet said she did not know if she could be fixed enough to ever be ridden or not. From what the old owner told me, she bought the filly from some sales with the scar when she was a yearling, so the injury is pretty old.

Does anyone know anything about this kind of injury? I have had horses with bad backs from ill fitting saddles etc, but they have always been able to be fixed by a masseuse who i know is very good. Does this sound like something that could be fixed by that? I'm probably going to get this masseuse out to have a look at her, but I would really like to hear from some people who have experienced a situation like this.

Also, does anyone know the kind of money it would take to fix this problem, I hate it when it comes down to money, but I can't afford to keep a well horse, much less a less than well one. I'm definitely not selling her on in pain or to somewhere who is going to either not fix the problem or make it worse or anything like that.

I'm really stressing out now.


qtina626 02-18-2009 05:17 PM

I guess I need more information so that I can understand why a scar on the leg would cause so much problem in her neck, shoulder, and back???

Did he say anything else, explain why he thought so, have a thought on what happened to cause the scar, or anything....?

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