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Eventer Gal 06-18-2007 09:40 PM

Just about Halicou' (5yr TB).
He is a major fidget! When i saddle him or stand still he always has to pivet on his front feet, sidepass, backup or flexes to either side and licks my boot. He isn't in pain, i have already checked that one out! He gets his teeth done/checked every 4 months-6 months, has the ciropractor out 2 times a year (1 when comps start and one in the middle) I can't figure it out. :roll:

So what better than to ask people on Horse Forum! :D


giget 06-18-2007 10:41 PM

hi i think this is what all young thoroughbred do!!!!!!!!!!! i have a mare who is five as well she just figets all the time her nickname is "figet giget"

QH_Lover09 06-19-2007 12:03 AM

Yup I agree, they are just really gittery & it happens alot in young adults. I think its kinda funny, but dont by any means let this horse get in your space & push you around, that will lead to a bad habbit that could of been avoided! :D Horses like being talked to, so maybe you should try randomly talking to your horse! Its weird for some but for most its a way of life, & just a buddy who dont have any comment to say back lol

Eventer Gal 06-19-2007 12:20 AM

mmmmm :roll: he doesn't at all 'boss' me around. Eventhough he is 4 times as big as me!! He tests me sometimes, like walking forward when girthing him up. He is turning 6yo 12th Nov 07. He should be mature by now surely!! So is there anything i can do. Is he purposly doing it?? :cry:
I dig my elbow into his guts if he moves towards me. HELPP!!

QH_Lover09 06-19-2007 12:33 AM

AH!! Im so sorry for not answering the question, im very sorry! Here is a link to a site that will expain it all in detail on how to solve this annoying problem!

it should help alot! :wink:

kristy 06-19-2007 05:33 PM

Sorry, but when horses generally refuse to be saddled, it is a saddle fitting issue.

tumai 06-19-2007 09:09 PM

Hi ya, I agree, major pain in butt when they fidget. Are you absolutely sure that there is no pain from the saddle and your boy isn't girthy (experiences pain and reacts when girth strap is tightened) Horses can get nervous when they know pain is the result of an action therefore try to escape by first fidgeting. I say this because if these are the cause, his reactions will become stronger. If not these then he may need some ground manners reinforced......perhaps learning to stand tied up and only let off when he stands still, or using a whip tap technique to stay in the right place. You need a dressage whip or of the like and practice tapping it on a table before on him so you get a couple of taps every second. You use it like you would as asking for a yeild, if he swings left off his predetermined standing spot by you, you then whiptap (not to hurt!) only to be uncormfortable, the shoulder he swings out on and stop immediatly when he steps back to where he is supposed to be and same for the other side. If he is coming forward or going back I would take him away and practice those yeilds in hand and backing would be the whiptap to the chest and forward would be much like when you lunge to go forward. I say this because used incorrectly whilst tied can frighten him and teach him to pull. I cannot stress enough to you that you must have your plan in your head before you work! Winging it is asking for failure. If you know the lesson then you are able to teach the horse, If you do not you will confuse him! I cannot Stress too much the value of reward by removing the uncomfortable stimulus immediately! Done correctly he will learn that even to see the whip that side will mean to yeild and coupled with voice commands which he will learn if they are clear and concise you will be able to command without the whip.
It would be valuable to practice this in hand before tying so he is already familiar with this lesson. As in any lesson you give your horse TIMING IS EVERYTHING! So if you do not understand ASK AGAIN! I will try to help you and no I will not be hurt if you don't take my advice. For what its worth in my photo's in pic section is a mare we named Fidget for that reason and I recently sold her for $2000 and they renamed her Sahara because they said Fidget didn't suit her so I understand your frustration. Hope this helps :D

QH_Lover09 06-19-2007 09:42 PM

I doubt any of that will help but that is up to her, hopfully she is smart & will go to that website & it will help... GOOD LUCK TO YOU! & beating a horse is not the answer by the way. :D

tumai 06-20-2007 02:09 AM

I did not say to beat he horse!!!!! I was explaining the whip tap but obviously YOU DID NOT UNDERSTAND!!!!! QHLOVER09!
PERHAPS you would like to read my post very carefully and then reread it and you may understand what I was saying to her and if she doesn't take my advice thats fine BUT DO NOT IMPLY THAT I WOULD ENCOURAGE HER TO BEAT HER HORSE :evil:

QH_Lover09 06-20-2007 02:27 AM

ok devil girl :twisted: haha I think you need a TIME OUT or a NAP! No need to use any bat on that horse, period, end of story! The lady on that link sounds like her horse is doing the same problem & it was answered by a professional trainer so her taking her advice would be less harsh then someone who goes BALISTIC on another person who is only trying to give their own opinion of the situation. :D

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