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JumpingwithBrirony 07-09-2013 11:57 AM

Extreme sunburn care; pink bumps
Okay, about a month ago my trainer got a new horse to eventually sell. He is extremely talented but was ridden in only an indoor. When he came to us we made sure to get him used to the outdoors and let him outside; rode him outside consistently. A week or two after getting him he started to get sunburned which eventually became bloody, big pink patches on his bay nose. After LOADS of cortizone, sunscreen, and no work, the blood and most pink bumps went away (we did consult a vet). So the other day we began to put him back in work but half way in, the poor guy's nose would distract him no matter what; he'd run under shade and not leave, push his nose in the footing, not move, etc. We thought the suncreen (clear zinc oxide 50spf) might have been burning his nose but that's exactly what is isnt supposed to do for zinc oxide. I will put on cortizone, anti biotics, and zinc oxide in his stall and he immediately rubs it off...I have heard fly mask, no nose mask, my pony sunscreen, diaper rash cream... I have never experienced this and it is taking a very long time to heal. What are your thoughts? Should i wait longer? Have you seen this? Which product is best? This is a very nice horse so i would hate to see him behind in training because of this... :cry:

Critter sitter 07-09-2013 12:02 PM

does he have Pink skin?? like a white face?
Any pictures would help.
I use baby diaper rash cream on my bald face to help protect

I also have him wear a long fly mask.

JumpingwithBrirony 07-09-2013 12:05 PM

I wish i had a picture but no.. hes a big bay with a black nose...
the bumps look like someone dotted acid on his nose and are now just pink patches

tlkng1 07-09-2013 12:13 PM

Maybe try an organic sunscreen? He may have developed a sensitivity to the regular sunscreen ingredients. Try straight aloe and/or Vit E cream for the irritation.

Critter sitter 07-09-2013 12:15 PM

are you positive its the sun?

JumpingwithBrirony 07-09-2013 12:46 PM

I honestly cannot imagine it being anything else... there are other horses who have sensitive skin that are fine in their stalls and this started soon after putting him out..

JumpingwithBrirony 07-09-2013 12:47 PM

I will try the aloe! And vitamin e cream sounds good too....

poppy1356 07-09-2013 12:52 PM

No pink skin? I didn't know horses could sunburn on dark skin?? I would say it is probably an allergy to something he is putting his nose in.

Critter sitter 07-09-2013 01:12 PM

i think the vet should do a skin test or something.. maybe something he got into is making him sensitive to the sun

JumpingwithBrirony 07-09-2013 01:13 PM

Yeah i found it weird too but now that i think about it more, when the vet first came he said that it looked like a mild pigment change.. maybe his nose was changing color and the white made it prone to sunburn....

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