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Brandon 02-20-2009 01:26 AM

7 games Journey
Hello everyone, well I have decided to give the 7 games a try, because I don't feel like me and Nana are on the same page on a few things. So i want to see what parelli has to offer.. I also hear so much good stuff about him, and everyone praisin his techniques.. so i will give him a shot..
I will be VERY disappointed if I dont see any change in my horse...

If the 7 games dont do nothin for me.. then forget it! I wont buy anythin from him again. However, If I after working acouple weeks with his techniques and I see some change, then I will invest abit more (not much) in his methods..

I just really want to see what this guy's methods can do... Course, I am still confused about the Level 1 thing I hear people talk about... All i can find on his website is a few dvds and stuff.. but nothin that talks about level 1, 2, 3, 4

I will let you guys know what I think of the 7 games, as I progress through them.


cgirl1980 02-20-2009 08:29 AM

The seven games will work. But with parelli you can't put a time limit on it. It depends on your horse not how much time you want to invest. As for the level 1,2,3. You can find those for sale on ebay.

koomy56 02-20-2009 09:46 AM

One piece of advice I can give you for Parelli, if you're working on a level, and your horse "gets it", don't keep drilling it into him. Move onto the next stage. It'll keep your horse interested and willing, instead of dull, pissed off, and bored. :)

Spirithorse 02-20-2009 10:38 AM

Parelli recently stopped making the Level 1, 2, and 3 packs because they replaced it with the Success Series and the Parelli Patterns. Personally I think this was a mistake. If you really want to have a good idea of what to do and where to go, go on Ebay and get the Level 1 pack. The Parelli equipment will play a big part in your won't see results like you should with a nylon or leather halter and a regular lead me, Iv'e tried!

Like already said, your horse determines the time line. The rate of success will be determined by how much time you spend with your horse, how difficult or easy your horse is, and how dedicated you are to truly understanding the philosophy.

Good luck on your journey!

cgirl1980 02-20-2009 10:55 AM

I would like to add that it would help to know your horse's horsenality. It helps you determine where and what your horse needs the most work on.

Brandon 02-20-2009 11:56 AM

Thanks guys, I will dedicate time and really try to apply the 7 games. If Parelli's methods work for my horse, then i will invest more into his methods.

Time will tell.

Dumas'_Grrrl 02-20-2009 12:05 PM

Brandon, don't forget that Nana isn't new to training. My horses had been desensitized to wiggling lead ropes and whips. I was able to use the IDEA of the game but had to tweak it so that my horse understood what I wanted. Like the backing up with the wiggling leadrope...I could have shook that rope till my arms fell off and the horse would have just stood there. :lol: They already had the knowledge to back off of a verbal cue and did it regularly and obediently.

I skipped some of the games and went to others, like the squeeze game getting the horses to lead through tight spaces and such. (not 100% on what that game was called)

Don't give up, I found that John Lyon's method of moving the horse's feet was more in tune with what my horses already knew and I gained a lot of respect from the horses when I began asking for things that they understood.

Keep us updated on how the progress is going !!!

Spirithorse 02-20-2009 01:13 PM

I agree that knowing the horse's Horsenality will help you get a jump start. You can go to the Parelli website, and fill out the Horsenality chart for your horse. Then it will give you strategies for that particular horse that will help make your progress quicker.

Marecare 02-21-2009 04:28 PM

Training horses is a lot about timing,read,and feel.
A lot of people can learn about this with a step by step type of method training.
Alot of horses can not.
I am familiar with the 7 games and they will direct you as to the what,but not the why as much.
This may work for you just fine and it may help your horse or it may bother him.You will know right away if it is working for him.

Good luck with the system!

Brandon 02-24-2009 06:35 PM utterly............shocked....... *is silent for a minute* Nana was a completely different horse today...... SHE WAS AMAZING!!! I tried just a few of the Parelli games, and she BAM!! picked it up pretty quickly.. she was a completely different horse.. she was attentive, relaxed, and actually enjoyin the games... THIS IS ONLY DAY 1!!! and i only did a few games... I don't want to say i am a parelli fan just yet, but dang Nana was just a completely changed horse.... at the end of just doin 3 of the games, she followed me around EVEN after i took her rope halter off!!!

I mean, I am just utterly shocked... i feel that i just made ONE HUGE leap today with my horse.. I feel she respected me today, and she was like "oh wait.... this is actually kinda fun..."

OMG!!! i am just feelin very happy right now.. I hope this progress continues, but i will definitely commit 100% now!

I'll tell you what, my views about parelli changed today.. BIG TIME.. I wont go buyin all his products, but his methods are good!

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