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BansheeBabe 07-10-2013 09:14 PM

2 riding instructors??
Do any of you guys have two trainers? I absolutely love my trainer now but she is really slow in teaching me new things, i.e., she teaches me something then we work on it til its good enough to her then move on, which is great, but I want to learn a bit more in a shorter time frame.. not prefect it any faster, just learn more and then work on it, at the same time. I don't want to leave her, so I'm thinking about riding somewhere else as well.. do most trainers mind, or is it rude to do that or..? Should I get another trainer or not? Thanks for any advice, in advance!
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SlideStop 07-10-2013 09:32 PM

Riding is a life long adventure. You need to actually MASTER all the skills. How would you like if I was your nurse and they showed me something, I did it once or twice, and then I came at you with let's sayyyy.... A catheter.

Do yourself a favor, stick with a trainer who is going to teach you the RIGHT way not a trainer who is going to just push you right through and leave SERIOUS holes in your training.
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Wau Tau 07-10-2013 09:43 PM

I have two trainers but only because my first one is hard to get hold of and is really busy. Also, the second one knows my horse better as she was his previous owner. It is hard sometimes because they have different ideas of how to do things and will sometimes contradict each other. For you I would say stick with one trainer as long as she is teaching you what you need to be taught and has the time to work with you. Sometimes two trainers can be confusing for both you and your horse and besides like slideStop said learning one thing fully will help you more and you can always do with extra patience around horses haha =).

ChingazMyBoy 07-10-2013 09:47 PM

There's nothing wrong with using multiple trainers - if they are both beneficial to your riding.

I often use several instructors, one on a regular basis and then another one when I have the time. But, previously I have ridden with multiple instructors at one time (one for jumping and one for dressage). The only thing to remember is that different people ride/teach differently. So, you have to take what you find useful and disregard what you don't. But - you may find you come into conflict if you don't have the right instructors who are willing to tweak a little bit for you.

Its best to straight out tell the instructors who else you are using in my experience. It helps them be able to teach you.
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mangomelon 07-10-2013 10:51 PM

I have three now, but I used to have four... haha One of them I hardly ever get to take lessons with but when I do I always end up learning a lot. I have one "main trainer" but really I just take lessons with any trainer who has horses that I like. I figure if I like someone's horse, I should learn how they got them that way. However, if you're a beginning rider, sticking with one trainer may be best because if you have multiple they will eventually contradict each other. Once you have a solid foundation in horsemanship I would definitely recommend taking lessons with other people even if it's just occasionally. The best horsemen I know learn from EVERYBODY. The worst/slowest-learning horse people I know have one trainer and worship them. If you never step outside of what your trainer knows and learn from others with different methods and experiences you will not be able to grow in your horsemanship skills as fast. But to gain the most from that you have to be able to discern what you should listen to and what you should leave behind. That's my opinion :) Oh and all of my trainers know each other and none of them mind that I take lessons with other people, they actually seem to encourage it.

dressagebelle 07-10-2013 11:45 PM

I have taken lessons from two different people in the same time frame, because I wanted to learn both dressage, and brush up on my jumping skills after not taking jumping lessons for so many years. They both specialized in their particular discipline, and yes a few things were a bit contradictory, but nothing major, and more was just the position I would have depending on what I was doing. That being said, if you are just looking for someone to teach you faster, and you are determined to go with someone that will teach you faster, I'd switch completely. Personally though, I'd stick with the trainer you are with now as long as you are learning, and she's not keeping you at say a trot for a whole year just because she doesn't want to work on moving you up (I do know a trainer that spent 3 years ponying a horse around that threw his rider, because she felt he still wasn't safe to get on after 3 years). The first "trainer" I had I only used for maybe a month, she was missing fingers, because she fed treats to a horse wrong, and though she used it as a learning point, its just kind of a red flag, and the second lesson I took with her she had me going over fences. Sure it was kind of fun to "learn" that fast, but I wasn't really learning. Switched to a different place, and they didn't let me jump for several months, and slowly worked me up as I learned and mastered things. Moving fast isn't always a good thing.

Gossip 07-11-2013 08:46 AM

I have 4...two dressage trainers, one who I use once a week and one who's more like a rare treat. Then I have a cross country trainer who I love, love, LOVE. And then I have a norm trainer who has jumping lessons for me, and teaches me at horse riding camps and such.

picup436 07-11-2013 10:58 AM

I have 3 regular coaches, I have my main dressage coach that I see weekly, I have a jumping coach that I go to fortnightly and another dressage coach that comes over every month to 6 weeks. I am lucky that the way that both dressage coaches teach compliments the other. It wouldn't work if they taught different ways of riding the same movement. It would be confusing to both me and my horses.

Skyseternalangel 07-11-2013 07:56 PM

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I had two coaches, then one. I really prefer working with just one since I'm only focusing on one discipline.. but if you do something that requires different methods (like eventing) then it may be great to have more than one.

I think I understand why you want another one.. but honestly it's best to really work on one thing and be awesome at it...then have 5 things thrown at you and not come out so hot even after working on them.

BansheeBabe 07-13-2013 05:04 PM

Thanks guys! And maybe I should've mentioned, my current trainer is specialized in eventing, which I just started doing, but she doesn't teach a lot of the things I would look for a hunter instructor to do, like slow, relaxed courses and other things like that.. that's why I was thinking about another trainer, for my other discipline. My current trainer is also pretty busy, she usually cancels one to two lessons a month, out of 4

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