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Sissimut-icehestar 02-21-2009 11:01 AM

Orri fr fu
Ever heard of him?
Orri from fa was born in 1986 and his father is the Hervar son Otri from Saurkrkur and his mother is the Adams (from Mealfelli) daughter Dama from fa. Orri was Damas only offspring since she died tragically young of age. Orri was immetiatly noticed since he had great energy and a really high step. He was shown when he was 4 in the stallioncenter in Gunnarsholt and got 8.17 as a final grade. It wasnt until he 1991 he really made it. Then he got 8.34 as a final grade.
In the year 1994 Orri won the league for 5 gaited horses in the Landsmt in Hella ( Icelands biggest meet). The astanoshing Gmir from Vindheimar would have won if he hadnt broken a jointband in the competition. Nevertheless Orri performed remarkably well and deserved the win. After the win a limited liability company was formed around him, the socalled Orraflag (Orris company). Today the shareholders are 30 and Orris stallionfee is now 350.000 isk. (≈ 5400 $) wich is the highest stallionfee in the country. Orri is still impregnating mares, even though he is getting old but his owners have too watch him since he only has one testicle, after a mare kicked him.
Orris offspring are now around 900 and he has 150 first prize offspings (outdated numbers). He has always been popular and has produced one great horse after another. He got an honarary prize in the Landsmt in Reykjavk the year 2000.
Orris offsring got this review;
Orris offspring are a just above the avarge height, are characteristic but their heads are usually rough and fleshy, the neck is well set but thick, shoulders and forearms great. Mane and tail are exceptionally thick and long. The back is well muscled and the thigh deep but short ( not sure if that makes sense :lol: ). The offsrpings are well proportioned but sometimes a bit shortlegged and sides flat. Their feet are avarge, senews strong but tightly set, rightness sometimes on the verge of being bad, but hooves great in every way. Orris offspring are exceptionally good 4 gaited horses and some pace quite well, though the latter is less common. Tlt and trot is really surebeated, loose and highstepped. The canter/gallop is aweinspiring and well groundcovering, forwardness is good and they are brave. His offspring are the center of attention when being ridden and are known for maturing quickly.
Orri is an exceptional horse in Icelandic breeding and gets honoraryprize for offspring and the first place (out of the stallions that got the honoraryprize).

Orri has given many gorgeous horses like the highest judged four gaited horse the year 2005, Garri fr Reykjavk. Ormur fr Dallandi, the winner of the five-gaited-horse category in Landsmt in Reykjavk in 2000 got 9,19 for talent in his breeding judging - which is the highest grade for talent ever given. Sadly, Ormur is a gelding, but he was gelded at a young age because he wasn't considered good looking enough. Today Orri fr fu is valued at over 100 million and is still used a lot in breeding. Surely many great horses from him have yet to reach the public eye and the Orri-line is here to stay.
(Translation by me from; ..:: - mist hestamannsins netinu! ::..)

My opinion: A great horse, no doubt about it but overused. He now has atleast 1049 offspring, and if you ever watch a competition almost every horse has him as either a father or a grandfather.

My video of him from Landsmt 2008 (at 22 years old); .

Barbarosa 03-06-2009 06:54 AM

Thanks for sharing little Sister! Maureen and I just love your mighty Icelandic horses. I would have one here, but our Kansas Summers would be to hard on them. Orri seems so calm with all the people around him. Maureen (vidaloco) and I saw several at equifest, they came down from Minnesota just to show them. What a gait they have.. They really move out! :D

morganshow11 03-10-2009 06:56 AM

I hate it when people put a horse in such a little coral. It's just like torchure!!!!!!!!!!

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