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JustDressageIt 02-21-2009 11:48 PM

Denny's Personality.. to a T.
Trying to get some nice profile shots... Denny decides he's missed lunch, and he NEEDS food otherwise he's going to die. Of course I'm trying to pull the grass out of his mouth, and he did this:

Finally a good one hehe

mudypony 02-21-2009 11:52 PM

AWWW! So cute! His personality reminds me of Brick's so much it's amazing.

reining girl 02-21-2009 11:56 PM

He is such a cuttie, sounds like duchess, lol

RedHawk 02-22-2009 03:34 AM

Awwww! You two make such a cute couple, hehehe!:lol:
He has that same soft-eyed look that reminds me of my horse.

SallyJane 02-22-2009 04:33 PM

Those are all great pictures! Super cute! :lol:

Sara 02-22-2009 04:41 PM

Haha, great pics!

Salty_alydaR 02-22-2009 08:20 PM

omgsh! thats how charm is too!!

thoroughbreds are so goofy :lol:

GiddyVirgil 02-22-2009 08:21 PM

He is just adorable! He looks like he has been dipped in chocolate,good enough to eat!

Yumm :) Denny for Breakfast,lunch AND dinner! lol

JustDressageIt 02-22-2009 08:25 PM

*sigh* silly pony!!

MIEventer 02-22-2009 09:05 PM

LOL, love the first picture :)

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