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GiddyVirgil 02-22-2009 04:56 PM

Buying all new tack and equipment-help?
Hello everyone :)

I am trying to buy some new things.How much is the most I should pay for:

Western Saddle
Saddle Pad
Bareback Pad

And anything else you want me to know :)

And: How much total a year do you pay for things for your horse not including the horse.Estimate is fine.

smrobs 02-22-2009 09:51 PM

The best advice that I can offer you is just to shop around to look for the best deal. There are some places that will have a certain item for 50 dollars and somewhere else will have the exact same item on sale for 25 dollars. As for saddles, I would look at your local tack store to find one that you like and then look online for one of the same kind. Walk-in tack stores tend to really mark up their saddles. 2 words: shop around. Here is what I paid most recently for the things that you listed.

Halter: $20 (with lead)
Bridle: $45 (not counting bit or reins)
Western Saddle: $740 (included breast collar)
Saddle Pad: $35 (basic fleece backed western pad)
Bareback Pad: never owned one
Boots: $50-$100 (depending on what kind and the manufacturer)
Hay: $6-$15 (per bale for small square bales about 100lbs. depending on quality and type grass or alfalfa)
Farrier: $70-$125 (depending on location and travelling distance for them, trim or shoes, etc. Luckily my dad shoes all my horses)

mudypony 02-23-2009 03:21 PM

I would definately check ebay and craigslist first. You can find tons of stuff in great condition that is much easier on the wallet. Also, if you need help finding anything just PM me and I'll be more than happy to help.

Halter - Around $20
Bridle - $30-100 (Depends on material and quality)
Western Saddle - $500-$1500 (I would definately go used, they're cheaper and already broken in)
Saddle Pad - $30-100 (I'm not very familiar with western pads so I'm not sure)
Bareback Pad - $50 ?? (Again not sure as I've never bought one)
Boots - $50-100 (SMB's are really nice
Hay - Not sure because it's included in my horse's board
Farrier - $50-175 (Depends if your horse is barefoot or not and if he needs anything extra)

I'm not sure how much I spend every year, but I'm sure it's outrageous!!

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