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smrobs 02-22-2009 08:19 PM

Handmade Greg Darnell Bits
I was cleaning the tack room the other day and found two bits that are very old. One is a high port spoon bit and the other is a cathedral bit. When I asked my Dad about them, he said that back in the late 70's when he was riding a lot of show horses and winning, Greg Darnell gave him those two bits that he had handmade himself in an attempt to get his name out there. Greg was not really well known yet and wanted my Dad to use his bits on his winning horses to help promote his bit making. How little they both knew. LOL. I don't have pictures yet and they need some cleaning up (as they have been laying around the tack room unused for about 20 years) but what do you think they might be worth. I am not interested in selling them yet, but I am just curious. I will try to get some pictures after cleaning them up next time I am home.

Vidaloco 02-22-2009 08:30 PM

You might try contacting the man himself to see if he would be interested in them. I found this site with contact information Greg Darnall, bit & spur maker ~ TCAA
If not you might look into donating them to a cowboy museum. Or trying Ebay.

iridehorses 02-23-2009 04:00 PM

I would love to see pictures of your bits! Western Horseman has a section that readers can send pictures and descriptions to and they will give you a short history of the maker and a value. You can try there.

Vida's idea of contacting the maker directly is a good way to go also. I like ebay but you need an idea of it's value so that you don't set too low of a reserve and loose it at a bad price.

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