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sensationalreflection 02-22-2009 10:55 PM

Please say a prayer for Mae, an old, sick girl who is loved and will be missed...
One of my best friends is having to let go or her horse. Here is the story.
Mae is an old grey mare, about 26 or so (im not sure). She has been through thick and thin and is the boss mare for sure. She has a sweet heart and always will, but she always had some spunk in her too. Ive known her for about a year now and in that time I had some good memories of her and my friend.
She is a fighter too. She has arthritis in her joints for a while now and it has really gotten bad. When they turn her out to the arena, she would lay down to roll and could not get back up on her own because it hurt and her hips would lock up preventing her from being able to pull herself up. It took anywhere from 2-6 people to get her standing again. This just started getting really bad recently and it has been to the point where she just gives up and lays there not wanting to get up at all.
Yesterday after being gone all day for a youth group activity, we all came back to the ranch and she let her and her buddy out to the arena. About 20 minutes later her dad went out and Mae was laying down and trying to get up but couldnt. It took myself and 4 other adult men to get her up after nearly 15 minutes. It really hurts her and she has trouble just walking around at this point. My friends dad said that it was time to let her go and we both started tearing up.
Today, they told us that it was time to let her go for good and that it was going to be in the best way for her. They are taking her up into the mountains on a huge property to let her go free. He told us that when it is her time, God will lay her down and she wont get up ever again. She will from then on get to run free in the pastures and mountains like she used to and has always dreamed of, and then she will be able to roll and lay down and get up on her own whenever she pleases.
We cried so hard and took pictures and turns with her in the stall saying goodbye and giving her the last of the hugs and kissed she will get.
We love her so much and will miss her with all our hearts. Please say a prayer for my friend, her family, and Mae.

Mae, we love you so much and will cherish every memory that we had the pleasure to share with you. We hope that you enjoy your new life of lush green grass in the sunny meadows. Baby girl we love you and will miss you, but keep you in our hearts forever. God Bless.

kitten_Val 02-23-2009 07:58 AM

I just have no words for what is your friend dad was telling both of you! Calling a vet to put her down or even shooting her (done properly) will be MUCH more humane than just letting the old sick horse to go free by herself, fall off somewhere (possibly on rocks hurting herself) and struggle trying to get up.

I do feel very sorry about the horse and will pray she would find a peaceful end!

MagnoliaBar 02-23-2009 09:38 AM

That is pathetic and what are you all thinking? You should be ashamed to be apart of this.

sensationalreflection 02-23-2009 10:10 AM

Obviously that is just what they told us. We are in high school for goodness sakes of course its not humane. Im not stupid I know that is not what they are going to do and he told me that they are taking her up there and putting her down but burying her there because of the beauty and signifigance. I would not have anything to do with somehting like that if they were just leaving her. She deserves way better than that and I never said that they were just leaving her alone. I said they were setting her free and that God is going to lay her down when her times comes which I said he told us was today. It doesnt take much imagination to figure that out. They are putting her down just to set the record straight. Thanks so much.

kitten_Val 02-23-2009 10:35 AM

Well, no one tried to offend you. That's just how it sounds from your post that horse will be abandon on it's own.

Unfortunately there are ADULTS who really think it's normal (and kind) to just let the horse go and die by itself (as well as let horses freeze to death and so on). I've seen it around here too and it's very sad.

sensationalreflection 02-23-2009 12:45 PM

I would hate to see that happen to a horse. They deserve better to be put down and have it over with than to suffer like that. I dont really agree with them in the area of care, but hey everyone has their own views I guess. Its ok though I know that she will be happier and in a better place.

MagnoliaBar 02-24-2009 10:32 PM

I was confused as to what you were saying in the first place. As long as they are not just putting it up in the mountains and thats it I understand.

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