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ZZTopp 07-12-2013 10:00 PM

Crooked Knee. Corrective shoeing?
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I have a four year old Appaloosa. I have ridden horses for years but he is my first horse I've ever owned. Being a new owner, I needed to find a good farrier. I knew a guy who I had heard was a great horseman and a decent farrier. He came up to my barn to give my gelding a trim. I didn't notice anything for awhile but then gradually I noted his front left knee was starting to go a little bonkers.. It is out of line and the only thing I can think happened is the farrier trimmed his hoof crooked (causing his leg to grow wrong.) It doesn't affect his gait at all and he still puts weight on it fine. The only problem is, it's crooked! I bought him unbroke as a training project so I need to know if this is fixable. My area is short on farriers at the moment and being a new owner I'm not at the top of any lists and can't get anyone out to look at him. Do any of you know if this could be fixed using corrective shoeing? I can't find any info about anything like it. Would it be safe to continue his training? The attached photo shows how out of line his joint is. He is at a walk there, sorry I don't currently have an better ones of it... Any help or advice would be very much appreciated!

greentree 07-12-2013 10:03 PM

THIS is definitely a VETERINARY question!!!


paintedpastures 07-12-2013 10:43 PM

You need a lameness/soundness evaluation from a vet to best advise you:wink:.
That is not a mildly crooked knee:shock: Not something that would be caused by 1 poor trim.Was his leg correct/straight before?? surprised he is not lame...
Corrective trimming is not going to correct a deviation such as that at his age:-(
not great pic but from what can see To me ,This horse looks like either he sustained an injury or that that leg was never very correct in first place & then maybe a poor trim job aggravated it to have it look worse.He didn't suddenly go crooked like that from one trim:cry:

Viranh 07-12-2013 10:54 PM

Even when crookedness is less severe, you have to be careful about how aggressively you correct it at the hoof. Too aggressive a correction could make a horse more sore. That kind of crooked leg is not fixable through the hoof, or likely at all. I think you may have gotten yourself a pasture pet. Have a vet look at it and hopefully I'm wrong!

Cherie 07-13-2013 08:17 AM

Was this horse Vet checked or evaluated when you bought him?

Did a knowledgeable horseperson help you look for a prospect?

A horse's knees are usually 'set' and done growing by age 2. They are not mature or 'closed, but they are finished growing. Deviations like this one appear much before that. The only way they can be dealt with is with casts or epiphaseal staples but they have to be used long before growth stops.

You need a really good leg Vet, x-rays and a miracle.

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