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WSArabians 07-13-2013 01:43 PM

West Nile Vaccine in Breeding Stock (Graphic Warning)
When the big scare first came out, I wasn't breeding so thankfully I did not have to worry about any of this, and became aware of it without having to add a story of my own.
Anyhow, I came across this website and it got me thinking. Has anyone else had adverse effects of the WNV?
The only vaccine I refuse to give anymore (aside from WMV and Strangles - I've seen horses that were clear develop the disease after this shot was given) is the 5,7,9 Pneumabort vaccine as the one mare I gave that too aborted at ten months. Everyone else had healthy foals.

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What are your concerns and experiances with any type of vaccines?

am a small breeder, I have a fine old stallion and 9 broodmares, and I am a retired Vet Tech. I gave theWN as everyone did due to the scare and potential death of my horses. They are all pets, not just breedingstock. I bred 39 mares total in 2002, I have had to rebreed 14 outside mares, and some did not comeback.Most were absorbed their vets told them, some born about 9 wks early and dead, then I began gettingcalls from friends all over the U.S., who were having foals lost prematurely, one thought the shuttle was thecause, some said they gave the 5,7,9 pnuemabort vax ,some didnt,.but I began to ask about the WN, all gaveit! I told them to call Ft. Dodge, as they also make the Pnuemabort vax and should be told about it. Somegot a response some didnt, they just got rude people on the other end. Now we are all breeders and most ofus know normal from not, some were suspicious, anyway, there I am sitting there thinking boy am I lucky!All my mares are good so far, I have several very old gals but they had foaled already, normal healthy babies.Then my little paint mare, young, healthy and lively, went into labor, a beautiful tobi stud colt was born, thenthe bag opened and he had a Rhino nose, the worst I had seen, he was adorable otherwise, we called himCourage, he was put to sleep within 24 hrs., he could not even be bottle fed, and shortly after my youngestmare 4 yr, healthy lively mare, came up thin, 9 wks early a blk/wht stud colt, never got out of the bag..Icalled my vet and took the fetus there, Called Ft. Dodge and spoke to the Vet there, I told him all that wenton, unfortunately we had buried Courage, but they paid for all tests done on my mare and the fetus. Thetests showed she had a bacteria in the foals lungs, and she had the same in her uterus.????????a streptype????? she was AI for breeding, and why would it take so long to get there???? 9 mo?? To all those *****ad these testimonies, keep calling Ft Dodge, get someone to call you back, get someone to test for you,scream, threaten with law suets, anything to get this all on record. Now my biggest scare is I redid boostersbefore the 2 foals were born on my older mares and my stallion, who had some semen problems this year! Ialso had a boarder come down with a unusual virus? this year, started like colic, then violent shaking allover, my vet said if it were a mare she would think copper loss, but with 10 liters of fluids and banamine by 5 am he was better.Strange also that 3 weeks later a friend had her gelding suffer from a similar illness, both vets were unable to say what it was, they almost had wn like symptoms but not quite, both got better, also I need to add that both geldings were not fed the same, not housed the same or anywhere near the same area, but both had been given the WN vax.Have I started a new worry for me for next year???
E. Cassell, TX
Photo above provided by owner.

I just found out about your website and must show you what was born to our quarter horse mare on May11, 2003. She is a proven producer bred to a proven paint. This foal had no nostrils and no eyeballs in hissockets. He did stand with great difficulty but was never able to nurse having no palate to suck against. Healso had great difficulty breathing. Our vet euthanized him at 6 hours. There was apparently something verywrong with his front legs also but the whole thing was so horrible I stopped taking pictures after he stood.The mare had definetly had both West Nile shots early in her pregnancy. Our vet could give no explanationfor his deformities stating he had never seen aything like it before. We could not get her back in foal afterthis but only tried once beacuse of the lateness of the season. She has been vaccinated this year but we willthink and watch carefully before we breed her again. We have another mare in foal that has been vaccinatedwe will watch very carefully. We have wondered why vaccine is available for horses so quickly and not forhumans. Are our horses being used as guinea pigs?? Thank you for developing this website so we can shareour tragedies and hopefully do something about it. We thought we were entirely alone with this.
Norene, Calif.

My Andalusian Mare foaled in March, the filly was born without front legs. She has had 5 previous births(she is 9 years old) She recieved the Vaccine at the end of her first 30 days of pregnancy, then two weeks later. Fort Dodge is now ignoring my calls and emails. My foal was sold and the price was 20,000.
Toni CA
Photo shown above provided by owner.

Dreamcatcher Arabians 07-13-2013 02:22 PM

The only vaccine I've ever had an issue with, and you wouldn't give it to a pregnant mare anyhow, is strangles. And I only had an issue with that with the injectable, I've never had a problem with the IN.

I've always given Rhino at 3, 5, 7, 9 months and never had a problem. I give WNV at 30 days pre-foaling, never a problem.

So, all I can say is, I feel like they're cheap insurance.

dbarabians 07-13-2013 03:24 PM

I do not give the Rhino at 3,5,7,9 but I do give the West Nile vaccine at 30 days prior to foaling just as I give all the other annual shots to ensure the mare passes on the immunity to the foal.
Dreamcatcher and I both live in West Nile central so the risk is worth the worry if you ask me. Shalom

waresbear 07-13-2013 03:30 PM

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Pictures don't show up for me. Interesting stories however.
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Dreamcatcher Arabians 07-13-2013 05:22 PM


Originally Posted by dbarabians (Post 3047546)
I do not give the Rhino at 3,5,7,9 but I do give the West Nile vaccine at 30 days prior to foaling just as I give all the other annual shots to ensure the mare passes on the immunity to the foal.
Dreamcatcher and I both live in West Nile central so the risk is worth the worry if you ask me. Shalom

DBA, if it's a bad year and they call for it, I'll booster during May or June, in the 2nd trimester. I've never had ill effect from it. I've spend a fortune on mosquito dunks and spraying this year too.

Endiku 07-13-2013 05:55 PM

subbing out of curiosity. The photos don't show up for me either.

toto 07-13-2013 06:11 PM

Pictures dont work for me either-- if it messes up the foals like that i wonder what its really doing to the horses health that aint been used for breeding too! :shock: them vaccines are bad stuff!

Endiku 07-13-2013 06:14 PM

Vaccinations are not always bad. It just depends on how accurate they are.

MyLittlePonies 07-13-2013 10:02 PM

We gave ours at 5,7, and 9. The issue we had was the stores around us were selling them over two years outdated and I refused to give an outdated shot to anything. Sadly and even after mentioning it we didn't come back until they got the updated ones. Honestly we've never had any problems giving the shots.

Druydess 07-14-2013 12:11 AM

I have had several friends horses lose their foals after giving WN. I won't touch it.

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