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MAG1723 07-14-2013 12:31 PM

Automatic Watering System
I wasn't sure were to put this lol:oops: Okay, So I got automatic waterers for my barn and my Gelding has figured them out great, but my mare, not so much. They used to drink out of a big bucket outside then I switched to a smaller bucket where the waterers are now. They both drank that fine. But now that I had the real auto waterers put in, she refuses to drink from it. I have showed her there is water in it many times but she wont drink. I still have a bucket outside and she drinks from that. Have you ever had this problem? Someone please help me. I need her to drink:-(

Thanks, sorry if it doesn't make sense Im rushed lol

RitzieAnn 07-16-2013 01:09 AM

What kind is it? The one that only has water when pushed, the kind with the small dish, or the one that's more like a 1 gallon bucket?

I might be biased on this, but if she won't drink from it, then don't ever think to try to "encourage" her by offering that as her only source, or by limiting a source she likes better. I now hate auto waterers that don't allow you to monitor water used. I had a horse not drink from one she got impact colic, split her intestine & started bleeding out into her abdominal cavity. I lost her because of a stupid "convenience".

While there are plenty of perks to auto waterers (I use various types for my ducks, chickens, rabbits, dogs & sometimes goats) I would never ever rely on one who's water consumption couldn't be monitored.

I know tons of horses use them & not very many ever have issues, but please be careful when training her to use it.
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