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KANSAS_TWISTER 06-23-2007 10:28 PM

electric fencing
just wondering any one else has done this yet?, my husband has left it up to me to fix a small pasture for abby and star so they can be turned out in the day time.

here's what i want to do.......abby and star share a 90 x 60 ft pen with a barn that has 2 box stalls (open right now to walk through) at the south end i have a 16 ft gate that opens in to an area we don't use on the farm and hate to mow. from the back of our garage we have another small area that is about 90 x 40 that is fenced in that i plan to expand, i want to join all 3 areas in to 1 and have been racking my brain for about a week about the electric fence till now.
i need to jump the electricty from one side to the other (once end of the garage to the other side) so i can enlage the pasture past my hen house and around my trees and back up to the corner post by the gate. has any one ever used lawn hose to carry the wire current through? if so tell me how that went and did it last long?

tumai 06-23-2007 11:59 PM

Hi ya, I'm not sure I totally understand your dimensions so appologies in advance if I'm unhelpful at all! :D I consulted hubby about this and he said if you are wanting to bury the cable underground say for instance at gateways then you should probably get underground gate cable which is supposed to be threaded through alkathene pipe as well. But if you want the hose just to insulate agains't unwanted shocks above ground in the area's you want leadouts too then he thinks that would work as we have that sort of system in places here but we do use alkathene pipe hose as it lasts a life time or so they say? I think garden hose should work quite well, what an ingenius idea! :D

KANSAS_TWISTER 06-24-2007 12:16 AM

that's sort of what i want to do....although run it up the side of the garage and under the eve's troughs and down the other side

desperate horsewife 06-24-2007 12:14 PM

I've got hotwire running over the top of the sheep shed; I just purchased insulators that are then nailed onto the shed. The wire runs along the top of the fence line (we've got woven wire) to the shed, up over the doorway of the shed, then down the other side to the fence again.

DesertGal 06-24-2007 05:31 PM

I use PVC pipping. I don't run the wire far, but I didn't want the dogs to get zapped, so I run the wire through pvc pipe. It's been over a year and no problems.

Garden hose sounds interesting too.

Friesian Mirror 06-24-2007 09:36 PM

I asked my dad and he said the hose would work and would last, but it would be much easier to use insulated(sp?) wire instead. Hope that helps! :D

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