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Milking Moo Moos 07-15-2013 02:57 AM

Foward motion over fences!
To give you a bit of background information I am 15 years old and have been sitting on the back of a horse since day 1- but have only been seriously riding and jumping for two years. About last january I bought a then 5 year old paint-appendix gelding with extreme hunter potential and a whole bunch of bugs. He is trained one day a week (over fences) , and I take lessons on him twice a week (over fences) and flat him at least twice a week outside of lessons. I show him about once a month at local schooling shows. Our most recent- and most hindering problem is forward motion. Although he can be quite the gymnast- he is a bit lazy. I do ride him in spurs and a longer jumping bat every time I am on him- when I spur him or touch him with the bat he kicks out or bucks. He is honestly quite a turd in that aspect. Occasionally he channels his inner thoroughbred and we end up getting the jumper strides in lines- and then everything is very smooth, he jumps better, and my eq is good. Most of the time he is adding a short stride (even if I ask him to take it a centimeter long-) and being a complete turd about forward motion. My eq is TERRIBLE when he jumps short- because I am usually expecting him to take it a half stride sooner! So I end up on his neck with spooner legs. This horse actually likes jumping- and height has never been a problem for him. He will someday make a very attractive hunter.

So long story short- how the heck do I get the horse to move out that unseats me when I ask?
And how do I keep myself balanced and close to the saddle when he jumps a half stride after I ask?

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