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girl_on_black_pony 02-25-2009 09:19 PM

A day in the life of Girl On Black Pony
Or maybe more than one day. Haha. Hopefully I can keep this thing up to date :/

Kramer: I'm still a fuzzball. I haven't shed any! GOBP is probably going crazy to clip my feathers. Heh heh.

Sprout: I was happy today. I didn't get ridden. However, I was forced into a sponge bath.

Ticket: I have a pleasure show this weekend. We Practiced today. I behaved well. I'm being drenched to bring up my top because I've been on roughage for so long.

Zorro: Just got ridden. Boy oh Boy am I out of shape :)

Scarloe: I was lunged with a saddle today. I'm three years old now, and am beginning to be curious toward the neighbor's stud, Michealangelo. :)

OTHER: Pigs are getting prepared for the show this weekend. Hoping to make the premium sale. Need to be clipped.


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