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rosie9r 02-27-2009 11:14 AM

New TB coming up Lame :(
The new TB has a hitch in his giddy-up this week. Definatly lame in his rear left!! Grrr. I only notice it at the trot on the lunge and it goes away after he is warmed up. Not present when moving in straight line. So I am thinking arthritis, but the v-e-t is coming out on Monday to check.

Hoping its not the "n" know, starts with "n" and rhymes with "avicular." Scary. :-(

zanytactics 02-27-2009 02:31 PM

It might be something more in the stifle or hock...depending on how he moves. But if it is navicular it's not the end of the world...just don't put shoes on him if it is. If the vet says it's navicular please feel free to PM me. You will be surprised how easy it is to fix! Speaking from experience btw.

Spastic_Dove 02-27-2009 02:35 PM

Best of luck, let us know how it goes!

*Sending positive juju your way!*

CJ82Sky 02-27-2009 02:51 PM

Also could be chiropractic in the hips. good luck! i hope the vet can shed some light (and good news) on it!

rosie9r 02-27-2009 03:05 PM

Thanks! I will let you know what happens...He is not shod right now, I am trying to move him towards being barefoot. He came to me with pretty bad feet, lots of cracks from being shod poorly IMP. I thought at first it was from tender feet, but his soles are nice and hard now. When I got him, I could make an impression of my thumb in his feet ouch!

Good idea about the chiro, I will have to look up one in the area just in case. I havent had to use a chiro before.

Thanks Zany, I will let you know for sure! :)

rosie9r 03-02-2009 09:42 PM

So the vet came out today and looked at my TB. We have narrowed it down to his lower back, above his tail between his hip bones. After the flexion test, it looks like since its his pelvis/back, it is making him favor both hind legs. He also has some abnormal shape to his hip bones that you can see when you flex them, they are bumpy and you can feel some calcification. We are thinking he took a fall at some point, and it knocked his pelvis out of alignment....So we are starting with a bute treatment and having a chiropractor come out. Has anyone used a chiropractor before?

MIEventer 03-03-2009 10:32 AM

You never had a Vet Check before purchase?

I have used a Chiro before and they do wonders.

There is whole lot to the picture of why a horse goes lame. Ranging from incorrect hoof angles, to spine to hips to everything else you can think of.

My TB was showing signs of arthritus in his hocks - so we were going to do hock injections...when it turned out to be incorrect hoof angles.

He is now going through corrective shoeing to fix the issues.

Best of luck, hope all turns out well.

rosie9r 03-03-2009 12:14 PM

We did have a vet check done (no xrays though), but I didnt purchase him..he was a friend's horse who couldn't/wouldn't take care of him anymore. She didnt exercise him at all, he had a box stall that opened to a small turnout. The vet thinks that now that I am working him, it is showing up.

MIEventer 03-03-2009 01:50 PM

Awww geese - poor guy. He is lucky to have you :)

I hope he comes through this and you will beable to pin point the issue. Poor guy........what a shame.

rosie9r 03-03-2009 02:38 PM

I talked to the chiro today and she think all his symptoms are due to his hips being misaligned, like we thought, and thinks she can get him back to normal quickly :) yay! :)

I know, his previous owner was a friend, but its hard to stay that way when they neglect such a great guy. He is so sweet and smart right off the track, definatly deserves a great life :)

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