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ImpulsiveLucy 07-16-2013 07:44 PM

How to properly hog a mane?
Alrighty guys :) I'm heading out to our first show of the year with my Appy mare Lucy. And she has a true appy mane.. Very thin, wispy and fine. Pretty much non-existent.

Last weekend at the regional App show there were a few horses there with hogged manes. One of the ladies even had a before and after picture of her horse. WOW! Totally different look! Much cleaner! I of course didn't ask her how she clipped it...

So do any of you guys know how to properly hog a mane? Do you do the forelock too?

Thanks guys :)

IndiesaurusRex 07-17-2013 01:18 PM

With the forelock, it can depend on the horse's face. We'd normally take it off, but we have one horse who, when we lifted his forelock back, his huge white face made him look like a Hereford cow, so we left his on :lol:

We normally just get a pair of standard clippers, do one fell swoop from bottom to top, then an angled cut from bottom to top on either side, so it doesn't look too square and blunt.

The big question is though, does he have the neck to pull it off? :wink:

smrobs 07-17-2013 01:58 PM

I'm also wondering about the neck. Some horses can pull it off

and some can't (hers isn't actually hogged, its' braided, but you can see how she would look if it had been hogged)

As for how to do it... on a horse with a good neck, I'd probably take it all the way down with the clippers; the same way that you trim a bridle path except all the way down.

If he's got a neck that maybe isn't so great, you might be able to sort of arch his mane. Think like a fjord haircut

Leaving it longer in the middle of the neck and cutting it shorter near the withers and poll will give an otherwise flatter/thinner neck the appearance of thickness with a very nice arch.

smrobs 07-17-2013 02:03 PM

Ugh, duplicate post...

BekahBear 07-18-2013 03:42 PM

post some pictures of your mare so we can see how she is put together and what her mane looks like now. it will help us to give you pointers of how you should roach her mane and what will look best on her.

every horse is different. when star was little he liked to rub out sections of his mane so i roached is a few times. he has a nice neck so i could just roach it all the way down but some horses look better if you taper it a bit to give then a rounder topline on their neck. personally, i am not usually a fan of roaching the forelock. i think most horses look weird without it but i have seen a couple that could pull it off.

KigerQueen 07-18-2013 04:55 PM

I hogged my friend's QH's mane. it was thin and rubbed off. He is a huge stocky horse with a big 'manly' neck and he looks quite good XD.

Joe4d 07-18-2013 04:56 PM

you grab ahold of it, wrap your arms around it and, yell out, "MINE MINE ALL MINE"!

smrobs 07-18-2013 04:57 PM

Oh, Joe. :rofl:

KigerQueen 07-18-2013 05:12 PM

I think im going to die laughing!
The term I know for shaving the mane off a roaching it.

BekahBear 07-18-2013 06:01 PM


Originally Posted by Joe4d (Post 3099506)
you grab ahold of it, wrap your arms around it and, yell out, "MINE MINE ALL MINE"!

Bwahahahaha!! :rofl: that comment made my day

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