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InBox 02-28-2009 06:19 PM

hooves ?
how often do you have to get your horses feet trimmed??

sorry if this is in the wrong spot =)

Spastic_Dove 02-28-2009 07:50 PM

Usually every 8 weeks for Diesel.
I had to get Bandits done every 6

Jubilee Rose 02-28-2009 07:51 PM

Most horses need to get their hooves trimmed every 6-8 weeks. However every horse is different. Some horses have more sensitive or brittle hooves meaning they are more prone to cracking and chipping. Thoroughbreds especially are like this. It also depends on how often you ride, as well as where you ride. If you ride on really hard surfaces such as pavement, the hooves wear down more easily. If your horse seems sensitive when walking on different terrains and surfaces, then he/she may need shoes. Shoes make walking more comfortable for a lot of horses. There are many horses though, on the otherhand, never need shoes in their life. It really all depends on the horse. Regardless of whether you shoe your horse or not, regular trimming is essential. Hope this helps! :wink:

And yes, you put your question in the right spot. =)

luvs2ride1979 02-28-2009 11:31 PM

4-8 weeks, depending on the horse, the living conditions, and the workload. Definitely no longer than 8 weeks though.

InBox 03-01-2009 09:09 AM

k thanks everyone :)

Jenna 03-01-2009 12:07 PM

Agree with Jubilee Rose - I trim feet for a living, and the answer really is 'it depends'.

Most of the horses in my care get trimmed every 6 weeks, perhaps dropping to 8 weeks in the winter, but it does depend on the quality of the feet - if they're bad quality or more work is needed to get good feet (ie if they've been neglected) then I might bring this to every 4 weeks, or if the horse has fantastic feet and self trims well (ie in balance) then I might push this out as far as 10 to 12 weeks.

happygoose123 03-03-2009 04:42 AM

all of my horses feet get trimmed every 8 or so weeks. no earlier than 8 weeks tho. but chucky has bad feet at the moment so he needs the farrier every 4 weeks for a few months. but yea every horse is different. by the time the farrier comes next, pennellipi really needs her feet trimmed where as banjo's feet could easily wait another 6 weeks. But we get all of them done at the same time even if not completely nessecary. Our farrier is fairly cheap so its easier this way reather than him making a special trip for 1 horse.

Peggysue 03-03-2009 04:54 PM

Every six to eight weeks :) Normally every six

PoptartShop 03-03-2009 05:14 PM

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6-8wks is preferable. That's what I do, & not every horse will have the same schedule. Some have worse feet than others & will need the farrier to come ou more often. :) It really depends on your horse.

CiscoKidd 03-03-2009 05:28 PM

every six weeks

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