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Lori1983 02-28-2009 09:07 PM

Tennessee Stud
Tonight I was rambling on and on about my horse, Annie, to my dad on the phone. (He humors me :D). Anyways, he said, "I wonder if that song 'Tennessee Stud' is about a Walker?'" I've never heard of it, and asked him what on earth he was talking about...he knows some pretty obscure songs. Anyways, I looked it up and it's a pretty funny song. Anybody heard of it?

Here's a link to it on YouTube...

LoL, love it!

Walkamile 02-28-2009 09:10 PM

Never heard it before (an I'm not really young). Bet it is about a TW though.

Lori1983 02-28-2009 09:24 PM

LoL, the "long and lean" would sort of lean it towards a Walker...although I have to say I've never seen a horse with a green eye. ;)

Solo 03-02-2009 06:01 PM

Yeah i've heard of it !

If you listen to the lyrics, it is deff. about a horse at least.

Here the lyrics are:

Tennessee Stud
by Jimmy Driftwood

Along about eighteen and twenty-five
I left Tennessee very much alive
I never would have got through the Arkansas mud
If I hadn't been a-ridin on the Tennessee stud

I had some trouble with my sweetheart's pa
One of her brothers was a bad outlaw
I sent her a letter by my Uncle Fud
And I rode away on the Tennessee stud

The Tennessee stud was long and lean
The color of the sun and his eyes were green
He had the nerve and he had the blood
And there never was a hoss like the Tennessee stud

One day I was ridin' in the beautiful land
And ran smack into an Indian band
They jerked their knives with a whoop and a yell
But I rode away like a bat out of hell

Well I circled their camp for a time or two
And showed what a Tennessee hoss could do
And them redskin boys never got my blood
'Cause I was a-ridin' on the Tennessee stud


We drifted on down into no man's land
We crossed the river called the Rio Grande
I raced my hoss with the Spaniards bold
Till I got me a skin full of silver and gold

Me and a gambler we couldn't agree
We got in a fight over Tennessee
We jerked our guns, he fell with a thud
And I got away on the Tennessee stud


Well, I got as lonesome as a man can be
Dreamin' of my girl in Tennessee
The Tennessee stud's green eyes turned blue
'Cause he was a-dneamin' of a sweetheart too

We loped on back across Arkansas
I whipped her brother and I whipped her pa
I found that girl with the golden hair
And she was ridin' on a Tennessee mare


Stirrup to stirrup and side by side
We crossed the mountains and the valleys wide
We came to Big Muddy and we forded the flood
On the Tennessee mare and the Tennessee stud

Pretty little baby on the cabin floor
Little hoss colt playin' 'round the door
I love the girl with golden hair
And the Tennessee stud loves the Tennessee mare


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