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FlyGap 07-18-2013 01:36 PM

Embarrassing Farm Stories!
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So c'mon and share your most humiliating barn/farm stories!
I've got some doozies...

The reason why I'm starting this?
Yesterday the PM delivered me 15 chicks (being brooded in my mud room), I have 7 eggs in the incubator on the counter, got three new barn cats (2 in the house for now, they are really little), 1 100+ pound dog in the house, 2 dogs had gone for a dip in the pond and rolled in horse poo so they are quarantined in their 16X8 kennel by my side door (reeking the place up), 15 chickens were on the porch trying to get to the dog food, my house is messy because I've been busy working in the garden (and my job is insane right now), my kid is cleaning out her kid toys because we're redecorating her room so there are toys and bags all over the breakfast nook, and I haven't folded four loads of laundry on the couch cause I'm BUSY....
(Oh, and I'm still on vacuum strike!)

Guess who show up unannounced? The Terminex guys. They inspected every inch of the house. I am still in my nightgown with bed hair. :shock: I could have DIED! :evil:

So my farm used to be owned by a very prominent state rep that used it as a hunting camp, he has three young 18-22 year old sons that have tons of friends. So every few months I get some stranger stopping in to chat with them, OY!

So a while back I head out of the house in my see-through white nightgown, muck boots, crazy hair, armed with a shovel... Get to the corner of the house and BAM! There is a hunky kid rounding the corner! I shriek and right before I chop his head off I came to and slammed the shovel in the ground at his feet! He screams bloody murder and falls all over himself trying to get out of dodge. I am trying to cover my bits cause they are completely obvious, he then proceeds to try and carry on a lengthy conversation with me. Finally I had to ask him to leave, HELLO, I'm half naked!!

Two weeks ago my DH calls and says our friend needs to come over and store some stuff in the barn. I need to go unlock the gate.
So I head out, again with crazy hair, nightgown, and muckboots. Get half way to the gate and see a 4 FOOT RATTLE SNAKE crossing the drive!
I ran back to the house, grabbed a shovel and a .22, ran back and shot him right between the eyes! From 15 feet away!
So I'm stoked, look up and here comes DH and our friend... I run to the gate, open it, and lead them to my kill.
Our friend is laughing hysterically... here I am in a skimpy nightgown, lookin like a complete hick, cussin like a sailor at a dead snake! Then I realized how I looked and beat it to the house. :oops:

He said 1. he'd love for his wife to meet him at the gate like that and 2. He was scared for DH thinking he was in HUGE trouble when they first pulled in! :lol:

CLaPorte432 07-18-2013 01:39 PM

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Lmao! Omg. ........can't........stop........laughing........
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QtrBel 07-18-2013 02:01 PM

ROFLMAO... I am not going to dress to go out the the early morning hours just in case someone is where they shouldn't be and I may embarrass them. Have that discussion often with my mom. DH isn't so worried....
Most awkward moment was meeting my DH's dad over the hood of his little Ford ranger and I am tall enough to see him peeing. Really - not all the world is your height. Now I know never to walk up on any man in this area standing in front of a truck.

littrella 07-18-2013 05:32 PM

That is sooooo funny!!!!!

stevenson 07-18-2013 09:16 PM

how funny! what a cute story .

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