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Lolabydream 03-01-2009 06:23 PM

Looking for Assistant Position in Training Facility
I am a rider from Europe with experience in English dressage and Western. I have a deep interest in Natural Horsemanship and approached the craft through a training - John Lyons Methods.

I am now looking for an ASSISTANT position to a TRAINER who could hire me FULL TIME as a PAID position. I am willing to relocate - I am now based in the Los Angeles area.
PLease check my website for more details.

I can forward references and a resume .
Would appreciate any advice and help from people well connected in the horse business.

Thank you.

CJ82Sky 03-02-2009 01:48 AM

I wish you the best of luck, however right now, the worse the economy gets, the worse the horse industry gets and it will likely to take longer to bounce back than the rest of the economy. Horses are considerd "luxury" items and it's making it increasingly hard for man barns to stay in business.

Right now your best option may be to call local barns and see if they need someone to help out (for free) as an idea of what you can do with their own horses, and perhaps give you the opportunity to pick up some clients of your own and/or do some paid client work for their barn.

There are barns hiring somewhere, I'm sure, however depending on the extent of your resume (and even more so, the size and financial success of the barn), that will have a huge role in getting hired in this economy.

Best of luck to you as it sounds like you have a decent background. Good luck!

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