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musicalmarie1 07-19-2013 10:26 AM

My new horse!
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So my horses aren't particularly beginner friendly-- they can be very very stubborn (it comes from my not riding often enough), and for a beginner that can be frustrating. I have a friend whose daughter had taken riding lessons in the past and loved riding, but her trainer moved and she never got back into lessons. She had come over once before to ride my horses, but it makes me nervous and a little embarrassed to watch her struggle on my head strong ponies. I want people to be able to come over and ride if they want to!

So here's Shiloh, the newest addition to my herd. He's 5 years old, and was in the Georgia Department of Agriculture impound. He was tied to a post, in a lot with several ponies, for two years. A friend of mine took him in and trained him, and let me tell you he is a total doll. He's just a big baby, and she trained him so well. Here are a few videos of him. Sorry for the poor quality, they were taken with my phone.

The first video is of the girl, Anslee, riding him for the first time. He did (almost) everything she asked him to do. Don't be cruel, she's still a beginner and hasn't taken lessons in a long time.

The second if of her letting him run a bit. She had such a blast, and I was proud of her for not hanging onto the saddle horn.

The last one is of Shiloh being introduced to the herd. I kept him in a separate pasture over night so they could talk over the fence, but I was still expecting fireworks from Mellow (the white one) because he's the herd bully and he chased my pony Duncan relentlessly when he stayed for the winter. But everyone settled in nicely! Shiloh is the one with the wider facial markings; from a distance and with the poor quality recording he looks similar to Ginger.

Shiloh and Anslee - YouTube

Shiloh going for a run - YouTube

Introducing to the herd - YouTube

If someone can tell me how to actually embed the videos here, that would be awesome.

my2geldings 07-19-2013 04:27 PM

What a darling! I cant believe what some people will do to their horses! that is nuts!! poor animal! congrats on your new addition!

musicalmarie1 07-19-2013 09:31 PM

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He really is a dear. He was very nice for his rider.

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