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Phly 07-20-2013 12:17 AM

Something campers might like, one hunk of log=all night fire

We made this the other night and 8 or so hours in I sprayed it out with the hose, as it was still going strong.
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Phly 07-20-2013 12:18 AM

This was an hour into it
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smrobs 07-20-2013 12:31 AM

How in the world did you manage that? Did you just take a chunk of trunk (I's a poet and didn't know it :rofl:) and light it on fire or did you carve a hole in the middle of it first?

Phly 07-20-2013 12:37 AM

Just quartered a log chunk down to a few inches from the bottom, start kindling on the top where the x meets, and tada! It's really cool. Simple but functional as heck. If cut flat, it'd make a good cook surface.
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Missy May 07-20-2013 12:40 AM

I couldn't bring myself to burn a nice trunk like that - they are so useful. You can sit on them, have the horses stand on them, throw them at people, stuff like that.:wink: But it did make a pretty fire!

Phly 07-21-2013 05:52 PM

Heck, it's just a hunka wood, do something cool with em or they just get split and thrown in a wood burner.
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Saddlebag 07-21-2013 06:34 PM

Swedish log. The top is pulled open and filled with tinder to get it started. Try the army way. Dig two holes about to your elbows and connect them down below. Light the fire in one hole. The other hole allows more air. Apparently it isn't detected at night.

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