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veganchick 03-03-2009 10:56 PM

A horse with Heart
Before I say this, I'm not a great writer, I just wanna share with you Sammy's story.

Sammy was a bratty chestnut thirteen year old welsh pony who always got his way. He was stocky at 13 hands tall, but the first time I was assigned to ride him, my heart leaped! He tought me how to trot, 3 years later we were readying for our first big competition. Jumping 2.5' The night before the show Sammy and I schooled really hard. He was fine for the first half an hour, but like a said, he has a mind of his own, so he decided he was hungry, and he left the ring. Before I continue on with the story, I'll tell you, Sammy has a show mode where he is perfect through the whole show, probably because he knows he will get treats, but he never acts well in lessons. shows are a whole new world. Anyway, I groomed Sam, and tacked him up. I hopped on his back and went into the warm up ring, and we jumped a few jumps, Sammy stumbled a bit, but I figured it was because of the lousy footing. When I was called in to the show ring for my 1st of 6 rounds I smiled, and clucked at Sammy. He was immediatly alert. We cleared the first course with perfect flying lead changes at all the right times, and earned a 1st place ribbon in a class of over 35 people, everyone atleast 3 years older than me. The next class I nudged Sammy into a canter, he began, then trotted. I pushed him again, this time he continues to canter. He jumped the first jump in the line, and reared at the next. I was getting angry with him, so I whipped him, and we went on. He finished the course, his foot occasionally knocking on the poles. Once we were out of the ring my riding instructor took the crop from my hands and hit sammy HARD on his rump. My eyes teared up a bit, because she hit my pony, and because he was acting so bad. In the next class sammy started at a brisk canter I pushed him into, and at the first jump he stopped I was furious with him, and I pushed him on. I thought he was just being a brat, but he wasn't. His cracked hoof was in unbearable pain. We left the show areana, and I cried because of what I had done to my pony. He only nuzzled me, and breathed in my face. I untacked him, and we went home. It took sammy 3 months to reccover, and every week I would take him out to an areana, and trot him around to strengthen his hoof. He forgave me right away, and that made me even more upset. Anyway, about a year later I had broken my hand, and I couldn't ride, but I went to the stable occasionally to help out grooming the horses. On super bowl Sunday I was out at the stable all day because my parents were having an open house on our house, we would be moving away from Oklahoma to Kansas. Anyway, by this time I was upset because my hand was hurt and I hadn't ridden a horse in a few months which was unbearable. I was outside grazing Baily (one of the schooling horses) when my friend came over and saw me starring at Sam. She said, "You know they are selling Him". My face went pale, and I'm sure she noticed, but her mom pulled up, and she had to leave. I put Baily back into the pasture, and went in to Visit Sam. He was standing in his pasture all fluffy (they didn't shave him because of the cold weather) anyway, he actaully walked over to me instead of running away until I got oats like usual. I was the only one at the stable at this time, so Sam and I were alone. It was an amazing feeling. I suddenly felt my heart throb. sammy was going away. How long did I have with him? I led Sam to the fence, climed on to the fence. and hopped on Sam's back. He looked back and nudged me. I just smiled. my stomache had butterflies in it. I was on Sammy with a broken hand. He was bareback with no bridle, and I wasn't even aloud to ride unsupervized. Especially on a bratty horse, and a broken hand. I urged sam to walk, and he did. We walked for a few minutes, than he trotted, but not with the usual bumpy gate, much smoother. I was on him for about 30 minutes, but i didn't ever want it to end . Then I saw my mom's car drive up, and I hopped off, and hugged Sam goodbye. I didn't know this would be the last time I would ever see him. I never visited that stable again because we were "too busy" as my mom said. I cried myself to sleep every night for half a year, and occasionally I still do. I loved that horse, and he had a heart bigger than anyone can imagine.

Jane Honda 03-03-2009 11:08 PM

This makes my heart hurt for you.

I know the feeling about losing a horse so special.

What a wonderful pony, and what a sweet person you are.

veganchick 03-04-2009 07:00 PM

Thanks. He was the world to me!

Barbarosa 03-08-2009 08:04 AM

Great story. Some people say, "the older you get, the more you forget" but thats only true with the things that don't really matter, take it from an old fart. People, pets, and events that touch our hearts are with us always.

happygoose123 03-09-2009 08:45 AM

omg thats so sad i nearly cried!!!

happylove 03-09-2009 04:52 PM

what a touching story!!! i have been through a few experiences like this, but i had to leave an entire barn that i had been riding at for 7 years. it's terribly hard, but i think it eventually helps you learn to grow and move through the hard things :D

i sympathize with you too because i once rode this horse before i got to my 7 year barn, at a place where the owner was sort of cruel to her horses, really only caring about the money from lessons, and went through something like that. i was only 8 years old, so it was kind of hard for me to realize that the girl who taught the lessons was not a good owner. anyways, the first horse i ever saw and rode was very special to me, and it may seem a little starnge to be so attached to an animal i only knew for an hour, but i was 8, loved horses, and he was the first horse i had ever even seen in real life! i rode him for an hour lesson, just learning the very basics, but it was also one of those things where it only takes a small amount of time to establish a really good connection. his name was rocky, and he was a very gentle ex-polo pony from argentina. i had known that my dad was born in argentina, and that made him even more special to me for some reason. he was slow, and probably not very big but he seemed huge to me at the time :]. anyways, i groomed him carefully and learned soooo much with even just one meeting, and went home. the next week i came back for my lesson and there was nobody at the barn for my lesson. we called my instructor, and it turned out that rocky had had a seizure and had had to be put down or he would've been in unbearable pain. so, i was naturally very sad, and cried all the way home, even if it was an overreaction for just a young girl. so, i never gave up on horses even though my first experience was bad, and i learned never to "stay on the ground" but to always "get back on the horse" which is one of the most important lessons for a rider, in my opinion :]

i hope you have since found new horses with the same kind of bonds, as i have!!


Tayz 03-14-2009 07:05 AM

That is so sad :(
You nearly made me cry

SallyJane 03-17-2009 04:56 PM

That was a really beautiful story, you touched my heart. I hope you find/have found another horse to bond with, even though it will never be Sammy...

Picture Perfect 03-17-2009 10:04 PM

That is such a touching story! It nearly made me cry.

Starlight 03-29-2009 06:25 PM

aww that is to.....:cry:

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