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livingincowgirlboots 07-20-2013 06:52 PM

Getting started in Rodeos
Ok, so I have ridden just about anything people would pay me to ride... jumpers, dressage, competitive trail, Tennessee Walkers... and now I want to try rodeo.

This year I have stolen bulldoggers horses 3 times (different horses, different rodeos) to ride a flag. Tons of fun! And will probably ride the Haze horse for one at an upcoming rodeo.

But I would really like to get involved in rodeo on my own and be a competitor! I really don't know where to start. I need to learn how to rope... any advise on where to learn? Breakaway would be awesome and most the NPRA rodeos up here do them. I'm in NW Oregon! I would also really like to get into barrel racing. Currently all of my horses are over 17H and just wont work in rodeo (warmbloods and drafts) so I would be looking for a horse too.

I am super athletic and extremely quick to learn, I have a great seat and pretty long legs to keep me on. I am brave but not stupid, and really want to jump on in!

One person suggested finding a horse someone is not using and cutting the owner a share of any winnings that we get, that way I don't have to buy another horse. Has anyone done that or heard of that?

So looking for lots of advise or connections for people and places to practice with! Also could use a few hazer practice runs before I need to ride one in 4 weeks! if anyone would be patient enough to practice with a newby hazer!

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