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sportschick068 07-21-2013 09:35 AM

Oldenburg Mare Critique
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Hey, all! So I've been wanting to get conformation critiques on my new mare but I keep forgetting or postponing it. Now that I'm posting, I'm committed! :lol:

These aren't the greatest conformation shots but this gives me the incentive to REMEMBER to get better ones when I see her tomorrow. I only just bought this mare. We've had a few rides together and she's still green. In the cantering video that was our... 2nd ride (?) at my barn - 3rd ride in total. In the trotting video that was the day after she arrived. I figured I'd offer a glimpse of her movement. Again, she's very green with a scattered 90 days of training (the training was here and there over the course of a year or two due to previous owner's limited time and opportunity to have her started).

She's not downhill like some of the pictures look. When I had her on level ground her withers were level with her croup, if not a smidge uphill.

The last video is just for entertainment. I was letting her roam the ring and play around with stuff. She knocked over the cones but then decided she would pick one back up.

Anyways, she's a 16.1 dark bay Oldenburg mare. 6 years old, a daughter of Rosenthal, and a granddaughter of Wolkenstein II. I want to jump with her and maybe one day try dressage/eventing. She's a bit chubby. She has a couple fat rolls right now :lol: Last fall is when she was last ridden before I got on her, and even then it was just an occasional ride here and there.

aaaand just another one for some entertainment. I think we should go pro in soccer :wink:

Weezilla 07-21-2013 11:15 AM

She's gorgeous! I just love the dapples. Lovely neck placement though I'd like it to be longer. She's a bit over at the knees and tied in behind. Hind legs are rather straight with a small gaskin. She's also quite fluffy - she (and I) need to diet:wink: My Oldenburg was a bit of an airfern, and we were constantly fiddling with his diet to keep him trim.

She has 3 nice gaits, though she travels on the forehand. What direction are you pointing her in? If its H/J judging by the saddle, I think she will make a lovely hunter and equitation horse. If dressage, you will need to work on freeing up her forehand by asking her hind end to come under and take on more of the weight. I would be doing this no matter what discipline you choose. Working at all times off the rail, large circles, tons of crisp but balanced walk-trot-walk and trot-canter-trot transitions on a circle, building up to trot-halt-trot transitions as she gets the hang of things.

One thing I disagree with is the Kimberwicke, and though I can't see a curb chain I'm assuming its there, and the reins in the bottom photo are attached to the lower slot for more leverage power. To me, the only time any horse should be in a Kimberwicke is out hunting or jumping XC when you need that power, though I think other bits are generally more effective. Using a bit with such power from the port and curb chain can really back a horse off, which is the last thing you want to do on a greenbean. Plus the fact that the mouthpiece, besides often having a port, is usually not jointed, which curbs the horse from chewing and "feeling" the bit, which you really want, in order to correctly work her on the flat.

How is she in a simple 1 or 2-jointed snaffle?

She is really lovely - congratulations!

tlkng1 07-21-2013 11:26 AM

I think she's cute :)..I especially like the fact that things don't seem to bother her...she picked up that cone and actually very carefully set it down so that it was upright and she approached that "soccer" ball without last horse would have been snorting and dancing around it.

sportschick068 07-21-2013 12:32 PM

Thank you very much! I fell in love with her dapples :) The diet she was getting (and still is - I don't think the barn owner has changed it) was: a handful or so of whole corn and 2-3 cups of oats in the AM and just 1+ cups of oats at night. Hopefully with her exercise she will slim down and tone eventually. I'm just trying not to push her too hard too soon.

You're correct :D I'm aiming to do H/J with her. I'm going to start doing exercises and hill work to strengthen her and get her to lift the forehand. Both of those videos were taken prior to my first lesson on her. I've since then discovered that when I lift my hands more she gets underneath herself, especially at the canter. Also, since those videos I changed to the Kimberwicke bit. Originally I was using a full cheek snaffle. She did NOT like that. She felt more strung out, she would lean against it, and somewhat ignore cues. The lesson I had on her using that bit wasn't too great. Once I changed to the Kimberwicke she was an entirely different horse. Granted, I lost the chain a while back. It's the bit my gelding uses and I figured anything was better than the full cheek for her haha. My trainer and I are going to play around with other bits to see what she likes. I just found out that her previous owner used an Egg butt snaffle on her which she supposedly did well in. So she won't be keeping with the Kimberwicke much longer. I'm thinking tomorrow we're going to look into using other bits.

Tlkng1, she's been great! She doesn't seem very fearful and takes everything in stride except for one thing: cats. She's petrified of them. Even if they're laying down she starts snorting and side passing away from them. It's weird but funny because she was calm having large dogs running around and jumping at the window of her stall (at her last home).

Weezilla 07-21-2013 12:50 PM

Sounds like a good training plan for her! It makes sense that she felt less strung out in the K, since by virtue of its port, it backs the horse off of leaning. Unfortunately, it backs the horse off, period:wink:

Does anyone have a double-jointed snaffle for you to try, like a KK? I've found that they suit all kinds of horses.

kk snaffle bits at Dover Saddlery

HS bits are a fortune, but there are similar and more affordable bits -I'm sure you can find them cheaper than here at Dover:

Dover Saddlery - Search

sportschick068 07-21-2013 04:12 PM

Thanks! I'll definitely mention them to my trainer and look into them.

Do you/anyone see anything major that would hinder her in jumping? Eventually, I want to jump 3+ feet with her, but probably no more than 4 feet. Of course, I would jump her when she's fit and in shape.

my2geldings 07-21-2013 06:37 PM

If you could post some proper conformation photos, then I can write up a critique for you, but with the current photos I cant do an appropriate one.

Msail 07-21-2013 07:29 PM

I don't know anything about conformation but she is STUNNING!!

sportschick068 07-22-2013 04:31 PM

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Okay, I tried but she was distracted. If these won't suffice then I will take more tomorrow.

There are sometime divots in the ground that make it less even and sometimes I got an 'eh' angle.

sportschick068 07-22-2013 05:07 PM

And I had issues with trying to align her legs properly. While my gelding lets me place his feet/legs where I want, this new mare hasn't gotten to that point with me yet. She still wants to stand how she wants to. Plus, I was trying to hurry with these in between her moving :/
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