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NoFear526 03-05-2009 07:32 PM

Good Books/Videos for Foal Training?
I am just curious, I've seen a few mentioned in some threads but I don't know which or where I saw them. But does anybody have any good suggestions on books/videos for foal training?

I have a good idea of what needs to be done with my little man, since I've been riding/training for 13 years, but since he is my first baby, from the ground up, I want to make absolutely positive I am getting things worked on that need to be. Although I can figure out by using my knowledge how to accomplish the right responses from him, I'd love to read a book or watch a good video to get ideas/inspiration.

Thank you very much!

Also, an update to my last post about him standing still to pick up his feet. I have just been persistent with it (15 minute sessions, at most), and gave him a couple days off to be a baby again. I went out today and the first time I asked, I told him to "whoa" as I ran my hand down his leg, and he picked his little hoof right up for me and actually held it there until I took it. He didn't prance in place or get jitters at all. What a good boy. I was very proud of him. So of course, lesson was over for the day and he got to go back outside to his pasture for the rest of the day. :)

Turns out I guess all I needed was to give him some more time to warm up to it. I guess I just worry that I'm going to do something wrong, I want so badly to be a good mom to him. My whole goal is to have him completely desensitized and a super gentleman by the time it comes to break him.

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