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Barebackrider 03-05-2009 09:25 PM

Bare back Jumping...
I Jump my mare bare back it's the thrill of staying ON:-o thats why I like riding bare back any body else out there who rides bare back or any body who thinks it's dumb I won't take any offense so tell me heres a photo of my mare I couldn't find one of me bare back so show me the pics .

Barebackrider 03-05-2009 09:30 PM

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The pic didn't show I hope it works this time:oops:

Lucara 03-05-2009 11:15 PM

This is a critiquing thread. Do you have pictures that you wanted critiqued?

Barebackrider 03-06-2009 12:05 AM

yeah I guess is it that bad the photo I mean sorry for any miss under standing .

free_sprtd 03-06-2009 12:19 AM

hey all! I moved the post to just horse riding so no one is confused. I love love love bareback riding! But haven't recently been able to because of the horses I have been riding. Your horse is so cute by the way!

Lucara 03-06-2009 12:21 AM

Riding bareback is something that I hope to accomplish with more lessons. That would be the ultimate way of proving myself to myself if I can walk/trot/canter confidently while bareback =D.
I can't wait to see pics of you two!!

smrobs 03-06-2009 01:00 AM

In the last 10 years of my life, I have ridden more bareback than I have in a saddle and I love it. And jumping bareback is very tricky, it takes a lot of talent. Here are some old pix of me and my QH Denny just playing around. That jump was set at about 3 feet. I know there are lots of things I am doing wrong but it was a long time ago. The hardest part of the whole thing was sitting his takeoff. That is why you see my hands buried in his mane in all the pix. LOL. He is so powerful that he would just leave me sitting in mid air.

free_sprtd 03-06-2009 01:44 AM

WOW he sure does look like a great jumper!! and my goodness you must be strong!

smrobs 03-06-2009 03:26 PM

I think he is a great jumper but he could never compete (inconsistent). I am really not that strong, I just had to make sure that I had a good hold on his mane as he started taking off. Thank God for neck reining. He travels so rough that loping bareback, I always have to have one hand holding onto the mane anyway so only 1 hand free for steering. Every once in a while, he would take off before I was ready and I would fall off every time. LOL. My mom was taking pictures and she deleted all of those before I even got a chance to see them. ;p

Kianne 03-07-2009 02:21 AM

I looove riding bareback!! we ride bareback about 90% of the time in lessons, especially in winter, its a lot warmer lol. :D i've never jumped bareback, but it looks really hard!

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