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Shoebox 07-22-2013 08:26 PM

Potential Purchase: Leopard Appaloosa Filly
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So, I found a cheaper place to board so I could have this girl. I LOVE leopard apps, and this filly is exactly what I want. She's a 2011. Here are some pics of her - some obviously when she was younger, and some are recent. Tell me what you think! I'm aware these aren't the best conformation pictures, but this is what she sent me. It'll at least tell me if something is glaringly wrong. She would be purely a pleasure/trail horse, I think, since I don't show or anything.

Brighteyes 07-22-2013 08:52 PM

The only thing I see that may effect her as a trail/pleasure horse is her pasterns. They are very upright and short. I also think I see her camped out in the back.

Smarter people will come and add more. :wink:

Shoebox 07-22-2013 08:58 PM

I saw her pasterns and thought the same, but I figured if I wasn't doing any difficult work or showing/jumping/barrels it wouldn't be too bad. She might yet grow out of it too, she's still little

stevenson 07-22-2013 08:58 PM

so shes a 2 yr old .. she needs fed more , her neck top line appears ewe neck, There is something off with her front legs over at the knee ? or ?? but off.
Hopefully you can get her weight up , and being an appy she may get whiter as she ages, I would not call her a leopard , more of b/w snowcap .

Shoebox 07-23-2013 01:50 AM

Her registered name is KDJJ Faux Pas. I really suck at bloodline critique so feel free to throw in any comments about that. Bloodlines aren't my priority but it's nice to know. Here is her peigree:

Kdjj Faux Pas Appaloosa

sinsin4635 07-23-2013 02:26 AM

She dont look like a leopard to me, but shes cute.

CandyCanes 07-23-2013 05:37 AM

Really upright pasterns, and a ewe neck. In the second picture she looks like she needs a good worm dose... She looked like she had a pot belly.

Bellasmom 07-23-2013 06:34 AM

I thought leopards were all white with spots? I'm not educated on App colors, so correct me if I'm wrong. I'm not impressed with her conformation, wonky rear end and she does look over at the knee. But she is a very striking color and will probably be perfectly suitable for your intended use. Just don't breed her, please?

Chiilaa 07-23-2013 06:44 AM

Not a leopard. Blanket with spots, with a possibility of varnish in there. And adorable.

Tryst 07-23-2013 10:05 AM

Wow if these photos are recent she looks VERY immature. The horse in most of these photos looks like a weanling, or maybe a yearling in the last couple of images posted. I would be giving this horse at least another two years to mature before thinking about starting her under saddle if she truly is this immature IRL too.

She has a very sweet face and inquisitive expression. I think with more maturity she will probably be ok as a trail horse, but her conformation is not great. Se has very light bone, upright pasterns, a neck that ties in poorly, over at the knee and a short and steep croup. None of these things are likely to hinder her as a trail horse, but I wouldn't suggest doing and high impact sports with her.

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