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Breezy2011 07-22-2013 09:57 PM

Meet Wrangler
So... as some of you know, I got a new horse about 10 days ago. I have been getting to know him a little more, so I figured I could share with you guys, and if any of you want to throw some tips towards his training, feel free to.

Wrangler is a Registered AQHA 4 year old grey gelding. Green broke. His registered name is Dimensional Wrangler and he comes from cutting and western pleasure bloodlines mostly, with some racing QH's a little further back.

He does have a little issue though, that I have been told, and seen, but he hasn't done it with me yet... so far (I haven't really pushed him) What is the issue you may ask? Well... he bucks. He doesn't like the saddle or bridle (so I was told)

When I went to see him it was pouring rain and slippery out. I didn't ride him, but I saw his owner ride him. When he threw a 50 pound western saddle on his back and tightened it up the first thing Wrangler did was squeal. The man then went on to lunging him... his reaction to that was bucking and squealing some more... finally he shoved the bit in his mouth and got on. At first he just walked, then trotted, no bucking from the horse, then loping a few strides, then slowing down... wrangler tried to buck, but the man stopped him by turning him in tight circles.

After he got off of wrangler, he told us what he was told... Wrangler apparently had 60 days of training, being 'broke' and forced into collection using a curb shank bit (as a 3 year old) and then sold to auction (where his previous owners got him)

So that is the story on him.

Since I have had him, I have ridden him 3 times... walking and trotting around, english saddle, no bridle, just a rope halter and lead.

We have had the chiropractor out, no back issues.
We have gotten his feet done, he has really good feet.
I have yet to get his teeth done, but that isn't urgent.

Since I have been riding him, he has not offered to buck or anything. My theory is that it isn't the saddle he doesn't like, it is the bridle. Once I get use to riding him, and he gets use to me, I will be pushing him more switching back to western, and eventually getting him wearing the bit.

He also has an extremelly long stride.

He is a good horse, exeptional ground manners and great around other horses.

So now that you have heard his story, here are some pictures! Feel free to ask questions and give tips!

CLaPorte432 07-22-2013 10:00 PM

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hes beautiful.

one day, i will own a grey horse. ......sigh...... they are my weakness.
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Breezy2011 07-22-2013 10:07 PM

Thanks! I didn't buy him for his looks though, my first reaction when I saw him was 'he is short and fat and ugly' but he has grown on me... and actually isn't that short or fat!

wetrain17 07-23-2013 01:23 PM

Very pretty. I wish they stayed that color.

pinkbow 07-23-2013 01:29 PM

I love grey horses. Don't know what it is about em.

stevenson 07-23-2013 02:04 PM

very cute dapple grey. Maybe it was the way the guy treated him, I dont cinch all at once, gradually tighten the cinch, lunge them, then tighten it again. I would put a snaffle in his mouth and let him stand there with the bit in his mouth. You could put some molasses or karo syrup on the bit, but just a tad. something to get a good taste in his mouth. Just start from the ground up . I have also on young horses just put the bridle on , no reins and left them in their pens for a while. They can drink , but dont have any hay in with them. To let them just get used to the feel of the bit. no chin strap either.. but be sure to check on them often. It sounds like you are on the right track., I noticed his brand, and you can probably trace his lineage and the original owner through it.

Breezy2011 07-23-2013 05:39 PM

Thanks, I know who the original owner is... from his papers, and his sire and dam, and can track his lines way back to the 1700's.

I don't do the cinch up all at once either, with any horse... I do it up, walk around, do it up some more, stretch the horse out, get it moving, then right before I get on, I will do it up more.

Before I put the bit in, I want to get his teeth done, but I have to wait a few weeks, so I am just riding him with a halter and lead. I don't ride hi every day though, I do a lot of ground work and excersizes.

For example today I turned Breeze loose in the hanger (we use it as a partial indoor) and brought in Wrangler with a lariet. I was on the ground, but I was leading him around swinging the rope over his head and eventually trying to catch Breeze... it worked and I caught her multiple times, and he got use to the rope... so I am introducing more things to him, getting him to trust me more, and me getting to know him more.

I almost want him to lighten up to almost completely white, but keep his black/grey mane. I have a feeling within a few years time, he will lighten up to almost that... and hopefully he will still be with me, although I did buy him for a resale project.

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