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lilypoo 07-23-2013 11:56 AM

I rode!
My son has been riding Sher in my new saddle (17" Fabtron trail saddle) and it seems to fit so much better than the old one. This AM I couldn't resist getting on him myself...I've just been dying to.

It took about 20 minutes to find a spot where he'd stand still long enough for me to get on from the mounting block.

He's very go-go-go but the trainer is working with him on this. The farrier said he wouldn't even bother breaking him of that...just let him go and settle down. (Former performance horse.) Which he does. Personally I think we should break him of that. But anyway...hasn't happened yet. Trainer said he's become very barn sour. Of course. LOL

He started trotting when I first got on him. I didn't even bother to try to stop him because I figured the worst he'd do is take me back to his stall or where I tacked him up and I didn't want to get into a pulling contest (riding with the halter). Which he did. I had my car parked where his lead was tied down near the end of the barn and he took me right back to where I put the tack on. I then made him walk over to the barn down at the far west side of the equest. center and he decided to trot me back to his stall...he went inside and turned around like he was ready to keep on eating his hay.

I took that opportunity to get my left foot in the stirrup better (didn't have a chance to situate when I first got up) and then I made him leave the stall and barn. After that, he was an angel and we walked all over and all through all the barns, around inside the round pen for a while and so on.

Funny thing was that I was terrified to get on him (my heart was racing and I had to stand on the mounting block for about 5 minutes to get up my nerve!) but once I was up there, even though he wasn't listening well at first, I wasn't scared. I was glad I was wearing a helmet, but I felt calm and safe. LOL Never once felt like I was gonna fall and his trot was really smooth compared to the horse I leased for a while.

In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have done this alone with no one else down at the barn but I tend to be dumb like that. Glad I got it over with as I was nervous about riding him since learning of his go-go-go personality. LOL It was great and he seemed to have fun. He neck reins and also responds to leg pressure, so we're thinking he can be bitless. I have a Dr. Cook I wanna train him to. Someone was VERY rough with his mouth and he was ridden in a super-harsh style of curb bit so we might try a very gentle snaffle or even a bosal if we stick with bitless.

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