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SketchyHorse 07-23-2013 02:13 PM

Worth Repairing?
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One of my dad's friend dropped this saddle off yesterday & I know nothing about the thing. Except it was owned by an older couple who'd had horses for years, finally went through the barn to clean everything out, couldn't sell it & gave it away. There's no maker stamp anywhere. Where there should be a makers tag it only says 'Custom Made for Ralph Fleming.' Other than that nothing. No marks on the leather above the billets as far as I can tell, the buttons are all plain, & the stirrup holders just say 'Forged Steel.' I don't really expect anyone to know the maker of this saddle, but was more curious if the damage it has is even worth repairing. I mean it looks like a nice saddle. Then again so does my Camelot CC from India.

As you can hopefully see in the first picture the leather has peeled off on the stirrup guard thingy, exposing what looks like felt. Other than being dry there's really no major cosmetic issues. It's dinged, scratched, and scuffed. I don't really expect anything different from an old saddle that was just left to rot *shrug* As the title says - is this saddle worth repairing? If so how much do you think a repair like that would cost? Or what it would take to fix that?

unclearthur 07-23-2013 05:50 PM

It looks like the skirt's padded and its seat-leather covering has just disintegrated due to age. That's really a cosmetic fault and could be easily patched. That's fairly inexpensive - removing and re-covering the skirt probably wouldn't be worth the cost as the saddle will need stripping down to the tree webs.

But apart from age being against it (1970s?), the tree/panel shape is crappy - are many horses that shape nowadays?

The most common structural issue with older saddles is brittle stitching, unless they're of an age to have been made with synthetic thread. You can't see a lot of it, so it can be difficult to spot problems :(

SketchyHorse 07-23-2013 09:32 PM

See my amount of saddle knowledge showing through? Thanks so much unclearthur. I figured it probably wasn't worth repairing, but I appreciate the details on why besides the price.
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