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manhirwen 03-08-2009 10:09 PM

Proud cut?
Yesterday at the barn Wiski was acting kinda funny when I took him into the arena to be ridden. I figured he was just having an off day (since before the mare was in the picture) but the other horse owner said he was probably proud cut and not safe for mares to be around.

Another person at the barn said he probably only acted funny because the mare might have looked like a previous pasture buddy and he might be lonely. She said she highly doubted he was a proud cut gelding.

So thinking about it. He was caught somewhere around a year old by the BLM. I'm not sure when the gelded him. I've noticed he drops his stuff when he smells mares or gets really relaxed around people, other horses.

So I guess I wanted to know what exactly does proud cut mean? I've heard it means that they were not properly gelded and that there is still tissue left, some others say that it's when a horse was gelded later in life and some say it's just when the horse still has hormones.

I suppose I could get him tested but if he's gone 14 years of his life and hasn't had any real problem maybe it's just one person being silly.

Tell me your thoughts and such please...

Skyhuntress 03-09-2009 10:25 AM

its actually a lot rarer now for a gelding to be proud cut than it was 20 years ago, simply because vets are much more careful. yet still, whenever a gelding gets puffed up or excited about a mare, people usually jump on the proud cut wagon, when its actually really not that common of an affliction anymore. sometimes its just bad behavior. sometimes its a natural higher level of hormones.
for them to be a proud cut gelding, usually the surgery isn't completed properly, and they have too much testosterone left over in their system (I'm told too that like 2% of the horse population actually has a 3rd testicle, so that could be a complication as well). a true proud cut gelding can be a complete menace, and is generally able to actually mount a mare and penetrate, because of the really high levels of testosterone. some of them can be quite rank-because realistically, they have all the hormones and feelings of a stallion, but they are a gelding. (I remember a breeder that used to use one as a teaser stallion, which I think was pretty cruel, and he just got so frustrated)

now, what you have to understand is that gelding a horse does NOT remove all testosterone-only most of it. there are more glands in a male that produce testosterone, and testosterone is what tells a male to act like a male. some horses have an excess of testosterone - my 3 year old, for example. I was there at his gelding so I KNOW it went right, but even the vet commented that this horse appeared to have excess testosterone and was extremely...err...large in that area ;) (despite the fact that he was very well mannered and never caused me any trouble in that area) Even now, a year after gelding, he still gets excited and puffs himself up with importance if he sees a new mare.

if you're really concerned, you can always invest in a hormone blood test-its a really cheap way of seeing if his hormone levels are out of whack and causing him

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