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royalrox 01-05-2007 09:57 PM

Stocking Up
I have a four yr old tb who has been in moderate training for about 6 months after coming off of the track (raced twice). He mostly lives out but when he is in his stall for a while he stocks up in his back legs (no heat). The reason I'm concerned is because about four months ago he got cast in his stall luckily he survived but in the process his right hind leg got caught in between the stall bars. He had a few scraped and a minor strain in his ankle but the vet checked him out a few weeks later and said he was perfectly sound. Just wondering if I should be more concerned he is sound.

Skippy! 01-06-2007 03:05 AM

by stocked up, do you mean his back legs will swell or seem to be filled a bit?

This happened to my gelding all-the-time from when he was 2 - 4 years old :) It sounds to me like an old-fashioned case of getting sore after a work out, then standing still.

Think of it this way.. when you go for a jog, you may feel a wee bit sore when you come home, but usually, its the next day when you feel the pain in your muscles. When horses get done working out, the blood is pumping and everything is flowing well. Then, when they stand, it causes things to settle out again, which may make the cannon bone area on the legs look sorta puffed out.

My best advice, and simple cure if this be the case.. is walk him out (by hand or in saddle, either or!) to get the swelling to go down. We were out every single day to see our gelding, and we would hand walk him, or bareback walk him for 15 minutes or so to promote the swelling to disperse out.

I think your guy is totally fine :) If you do get pretty worried though, it never hurts to call the vet and ask him for an over the phone opinion (followed by many thank you's!)

The advice and input i have given was from my personal horsie experience, im no vet, but from whatcha described, thats sort of what i think is going on =) I just wanted to mention that ^^

Our gelding cast himself once really bad too, and bruised his back legs, but it never made the swelling worse =) He got stuck BAD too x_x

royalrox 01-06-2007 09:53 PM

thanks for the reply and its mainly just puffy around his cannon bones and as long as he's moving hes usually fine

Skippy! 01-06-2007 09:57 PM

Yeah Royal, that sounds just like what my gelding had :) Some horses get puffy legs after going from exercise, straight into their stall.

Some more food for thought, would be to walk him out for about 15 minutes after he is trained/ridden, to ensure he has completely cooled off and relaxed after his ride.

Standing leg wraps may actually help as well, thats what my friend did to her older Oldenburg mare after coming back from a jumping lesson. She had a standing leg wrap on (with pillow quilts, and wrapped with the thinner polo wraps) She wore the wraps for a full day i believe, then they were taken off the next morning. If they didnt wrap her legs, they would get puffy/filled just like your gelding (and mine).


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