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snickersandme 07-25-2013 04:20 AM

Does this saddle fit my horse? placement?
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I have been trying for while now to find a western saddle that fits my horse.
I previously only rode English so I don't know much about western but I'm trying to learn and get into western.
She is a very wide quarter horse and I have been doing all the research I can online and trying to learn about fitting western saddles. I've watched YouTube videos and read countless website and magazine articles etc only to discover that actually doing it myself is very different. I can't seen to tell if it fits or not.
This is about the 5 th saddle I've tried on her and I have a few days to return it if it doesn't fit. Only problem is I have no idea if it fits! Lol also questioning placement. I believe the last photo is wrong??
If anyone could suggest anything I would really appreciate it.

katieandscooby 07-27-2013 11:06 AM

hard to tell with it being done up, but I think it isn't fitting her right. Though with it being a cheaply made saddle, in my opinion they never fit any horse properly. My advice wouod be to look into a billy cook sulphur ok saddle. They are wide saddles that fit well.
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snickersandme 07-27-2013 11:30 AM

I appreciate your advice :)
Can you give me any tips on how to tell if a saddle is cheaply made?
I have heard of billy cook - I will try to find one used.
Thank you!
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natisha 07-27-2013 11:48 AM

It is sitting level, but looks too wide in front. Placement is best in the first photo. The others have it placed too far back. The Texas star conchos near the horn are where the front of the tree ends. That should not be on the shoulder bone near the withers but slightly back depending on the horse, not too far back though.
A trick is to place the saddle farther forward than you know it should be then push it back until it finds its 'seat' so to speak.

The front of the saddle pad should be pulled up into the gullet of the saddle.
The back cinch should be attached to the front for safety.

katieandscooby 08-01-2013 05:38 PM

It is hard to recognize cheap by simply telling you, but I can tell that is a pretty cheap saddle by the way the fleece is cheap. It is fluffed out everywhere and looks to be poor quality. The leather is cardboard like looking, and it just looks poorly made....
Even the Billy Cook Greenville model saddles are decent quality, just not sure on how wide fitting they are.

snickersandme 08-01-2013 07:01 PM

Thank you everybody for all the tips!.
I returned it and am on the search again :)
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beau159 08-02-2013 09:23 PM

Whatever saddle you do end up with, you need to get a longer cinch. The one you have now is way too small for your horse.

As far as placement, I disagree. I think you have it place decently back. You always need to make sure that the point of your horse's shoulder will not interfere with the saddle.

But yes, you'll want your saddle pad back a little farther for the same reason.

snickersandme 08-02-2013 11:05 PM

Where should the cinch sit so that I know I have the right size? Also thank you!
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beau159 08-04-2013 11:17 AM

Do you see how much leather you have in-between your saddle and your cinch? It's too much. You are even on the last hole on the other side too.

I'll use my horses as an example:

This is my 2-year-old. He's close in height to my other horse, but he is not as wide around. Therefore with my saddle I use a 30 inch cinch for him. Look at the distance from the metal on the cinch ring to my actual saddle. That's about where it should be on both the latigo side (the side you cinch up from) and the off-billet side.

Note: I personally do not use the holes in the latigo. I don't like to have to "choose" which hole of tightness. So I always tie my latigo and never use the pre-given holes, so I can get it exactly where I want it. Eventually, my colt will need a larger cinch as he grows, and I will update it according as we go.

Not the greatest view here, but this is my other horse, my 7-yr-old. Same exact saddle. But I use a 34 inch cinch on him. Notice that it falls about in the same place as on my two year old, by this horse is older and filled out so he has a bigger girth that needs a bigger cinch.

snickersandme 08-08-2013 04:07 AM

Thank you! Very helpful! I really appreciate it :)
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