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RememberPearl 07-25-2013 10:29 AM

A Morgan and a Horse
Two years ago I bought a Lippit Morgan named Roxie to keep my elderly mare Pearl, she has since passed at age 41, company. Roxie has always been smart and willing to listen to her rider without much complaint. She is a beautiful black mare who stands 15 hands high and always looks eager for an adventure. Since Pearl passed away Roxie has been on her own with the neighbors ancient gelding for company. Even though she has shown no signs of being lonely I spent a lot of time searching for another Morgan to keep her company. Then a week and a half ago Roxie started to give me problems.

No matter what I tried Roxie only wanted to walk forward a few feet before stopping. I, along with other people, check her tack to make sure everything fit her or nothing was poking her but we came up empty. Then the vet came and he to came up empty as did the farrier. A long time friend and horse person, she is in her eighties and still does endurance rides, came for a visit. She spent well over an hour with Roxie trying to solve the puzzle that no one seemed able to solve. When she came back in I could tell by the look on her face that she had an answer. My friend had checked the one thing that none of us had checked... Roxie's eyes. I had noticed a month ago that Roxie was starting to have vision problems in her left eye, which I had the vet check, but it didn't seem to affect her at all. My friend told me that Roxie is blind, she can tell just by the way Roxie is holding herself. Once again the vet was called and he checked her eyes, when he finished he confirmed what my friend had said. Then he went on to say that most blind horses are content to becoming pasture ornaments that are ridden every so often. Roxie would be miserable living that kind of life and it would probably be more humane to put her down. I told him that blind people aren't put down for there disability, blind dogs aren't put down because they can't see so why the heck should I put my eight year old horse to sleep?

When I learned about Roxie's problem my search for a suitable partner for her began again. Then I got a call from the animal shelter I volunteer at, they just had a horse dropped off can I come take a look at him. Knowing full well the shelter does not have stables I brought my horse trailer along so I could bring the horse home as a foster. His luck changed the moment I saw him. A grulla paint gelding complete with primitive markings and a wonderful personality to go with his looks. The oldest I would peg this horse is 10. I knew that he was the horse I had been looking for all along and so I gave him a place to call home. Still have no clue what to call him but it will come to me.

Early this morning I decided to ride Roxie in the arena. I did change my plan of attack this time by first putting my crop away and then leading her around the ring a few times. When I got on board she was acting just like the old Roxie again, a little hesitant but still my girl. I felt so proud of her for finding faith in me and myself for not giving up. I just hope this luck continues.

Critter sitter 07-25-2013 10:38 AM

this brought tears to my eyes. Roxy is so lucky to have you. <3
Lets see pictures of your new guy!!!

RememberPearl 07-25-2013 10:45 AM

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Here is the new guy:

RememberPearl 07-25-2013 10:46 AM

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Here is a picture of his eel stripe:

loveduffy 07-25-2013 11:33 AM

she is very nice welcome to the forum

RememberPearl 07-25-2013 11:49 AM

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This is Roxie with the neighbors horse in the back ground:

RememberPearl 07-26-2013 03:27 PM

Today I rode Roxie around the arena without having led her first. I had a low jump set up, maybe 2 feet, in the middle that I haven't taken down yet and I remembered a technique I used back when Roxie and I did show jumping. When we used to approach a jump I would count the strides and say up when it was time to go over the obstacle. So I tried to see what she would do first over a single pole laying on the ground then over the jump. Roxie took to my old technique really well, my guess is she remembered it. I could hear the new horse, Salvador, outside calling to his new friend.

After I got Roxie taken care of I decided to ride Sal for the first time. After taking a look at my saddle I knew it wouldn't fit him so I rode him bareback with Roxie's bridle that I readjusted. I quickly found out that trying to ride him at a trot is like riding on a jackhammer with hooves. I tried him at a canter which also needs work but it is better then the trot. He needs a lot of work before he is ready to have other things thrown at him. Today I noticed how close of a bond he and Roxie have already made. He shows Roxie to her feed pan before he goes to his own or he shows her where the pile of hay is. When I put him back in the pasture he ran over to her while at the same time making huffing noises, like he was telling her that he was coming. When Sal qmwent to graze he had his rump touching her side. It's like he knows that he needs to be her eyes.

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